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Wicked City...

1987 Japan anime horror previously cut but now released uncut on DVD and Blu-ray

Link Here21st December 2020
Wicked City is a 1987 Japan anime horror sci-fi by Yoshiaki Kawajiri.
With Gregory Snegoff, Mike Reynolds and Alexandra Kenworthy. YouTube icon BBFC link 2020 IMDb

There has been peace between the worlds of the mortals and the supernatural for centuries, but the balance is now being threatened. The Radical elements from the Supernatural world are crossing over into the mortal universe for the purpose of destroying the peace forever!

The film was cut by the BBFC for 18 rated VHS in 1993 and cinema release in 1994. The 1993 BBFC cuts were:

  • A panning shot of Jin having his hand on Maki's crotch is deleted
  • Close-up of Maki's crotch with Jin's hand on it, along with the subsequent shot of Maki's hair grabbing Jin, which is cut for continuity.
  • The demon creature forcing its tongue to Maki's mouth, and then doing the "old in-out".
  • The beginning of Maki's rape by the demons is short of a demon mauling on her breast, and the following brief rape shot.
  • The rest of Maki's rape is massively reduced and cut (over 20 seconds). This includes the demons mauling and her raping her.
  • Raping of Maki in the demon base has lost four close-ups - the demons squeezing her breasts, Maki getting raped from behind, a close of Maki's face, and of her chained hands.

The films has been re-released in 2020 as a double bill with Demon City Shinjuku and has been released uncut on DVD and Blu-ray. Anthony commented:

I can confirm, judging by the existing descriptions of what the BBFC cut, that this brand-new 2020 DVD and Blu-Ray release of Wicked City is uncut.

The running time stacks up with the uncut version too.

UK: BBFC details not yet published though for:
  • 2020 Manga Limited Edition [Wicked City and Demon City Shinjuku] (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon #ad
  • 2020 Manga Standard Edition [Wicked City and Demon City Shinjuku] (RB) Blu-ray at UK Amazon
  • 2020 Manga [Wicked City and Demon City Shinjuku] R2 DVD at UK Amazon



Unaccountably naff...

The BBFC claims that it has fixed bugs leading to old cuts and bans being censored from its website...BUT...old cuts and bans still seem to be missing

Link Here16th December 2020
The BBFC has tweeted

We pride ourselves on being an accountable and transparent regulator that people trust, and it was never our intention to withhold or hide cuts or rejected content.

We have always been clear publicly that the issue is a bug which we have been working hard to fix. This occurred because we have transferred more than 100 years worth of data from our old system to a new one. While the website is what most people see, we have also changed the system we use for classification - which we announced on 28 January 2020 and you can read about on our website.

While we anticipated bumps along the way - which is to be expected with any transformational project of this nature - we regret that issues have occurred around cuts. We are very proud to be an accountable and transparent regulator, and so getting this issue fixed has been a high priority for us. We are now confident that this has been fixed, and would like to stress, again, that if any record is still missing cuts information then this is entirely unintentional. Going forward, we will continue to update records manually if we discover that any information is missing.

At the BBFC, our focus is on helping children and families choose content well by providing them with the guidance they need to make informed decisions about what's right for them and what isn't. Our new website has been optimised for mobile, to make it easier than ever before for parents to find the trusted information they need and want. Research shows that demand for clear content labelling has never been higher, with 97% of people saying they benefit from age ratings being in place.

Trust in the BBFC remains at an all time high, with 83% of parents saying they trust our age ratings all or most of the time, and 92% of people agreeing with our decisions. We take the integrity and impartiality of our work very seriously and over more than a century, the BBFC has increasingly come to be recognised as the go-to guide that people can trust.

I tried looking up a few old banned and cut films but cuts and bans are still missing. A did spot cuts and bans information about Human Centipede 2 but this information did not include the basic cuts time, nor did it make clear which releases the described cuts apply to.



Unconscious bias...

The BBFC proposes to replace its appeal board by children's campaigners

Link Here15th December 2020
The BBFC writes in its latest bard meeting minutes: The Board heard a report:

on plans to reform the BBFC's Video Appeals Committee drawing on the membership of the Advisory Panel on Children's Viewing to create an appeals mechanism that remains independent of the BBFC and is much more efficient and fit for purpose than current arrangements.

And from the last Annual Report here are the rather biased sounding current members of the Advisory Panel on Children's Viewing:

  • Reg Bailey
    Chair of The Board of Trustees at YMCA England & Wales

  • Margo Boye-Anawomah
    Childcare barrister & family judge

  • John Carr OBE
    Expert on child protection in relation to new media

  • Naomi Eisenstadt
    Independent Adviser on Poverty and Inequality (previously Senior Research Fellow, Department of Education, Oxford University)

  • Professor Charlie Lewis
    Professor of Family & Developmental Psychology, Lancaster University

  • Annie Mullins OBE
    Director of Europe Trust & Safety and Co-founder of the Institute of Digital Well-Being

  • The Very Reverend Professor Martyn Percy
    Dean of Christ Church, Oxford

  • Professor Ann Phoenix
    Co-Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit

  • Honor Rhodes OBE
    Director of Strategic Development, [trans controversial] Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships

  • Louise Robinson
    Ex-headteacher, independent school 4-18; Registered Lead Inspector, educational consultant and appraiser



Updated: Spelling test...

The BBFC decides to spell the word 'nigger' with asterisks in its content reports and whether to update strong language policy in general

Link Here13th December 2020
The BBFC spoke of a change in spelling policy when responding to a question asking why the BBFC spells the words 'fuck' and 'cunt' with asterisks but not the word 'nigger'.

The BBFC responded:

We recently updated our policy around this term and going forward any mention [of the word 'nigger'] in our ratings info will be asterisked. We are working on doing the same for historical uses across our website and are conducting further research on language.

Update: 'Fuck' too

13th December 2020. See BBFC boardmeeting minutes [pdf] from

The BBFC further expanded details of a review of strong language in a board meeting:

An update on language research, which is currently underway.

The study will assess the UK public's attitude towards strong language ('f**k', motherf**ker') and very strong language ('c**t') in film and TV content. This includes varying forms of bleeped, mouthed, implied or elided strong and very strong language, and how we should define this in ratings info.

The research will consider the different contexts in which language may appear, and whether public acceptance towards the volume of strong or very strong language at 12(A) and 15, respectively, has changed.

The use of acronyms indicating strong language (e.g. 'WTF') at the junior categories is also being explored. As is the classification of peer-to-peer/reclaimed use of the 'n-word, including how to define this in ratings info.

Where required, BBFC internal policies will be updated to reflect the findings of this research.



Offsite Article: An age ratings database you can't trust...

Link Here7th December 2020
The BBFC: Sinisterly Censoring Their Own History? By Scott Bates, quoting the Melon Farmers

See article from



Commented: Netflix are using BBFC approved ratings for all films and TV series...

Let's hope that the BBFC provides Netflix with a better database of ratings than the one on the BBFC website

Link Here 2nd December 2020
Full story: Netflix Censorship...Streaming TV to a variety of censorship regimes

Netflix is the first streaming service in the UK to carry a BBFC age rating on all TV seasons and feature films on the service, helping families choose content with confidence.

The innovative partnership between a streaming service and the regulator, an industry first, has now reached the joint goal of 100% coverage of BBFC age ratings on the platform. This milestone has been welcomed by Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Digital and Culture.

Netflix applies BBFC Guidelines standards to content, with the BBFC setting those standards and auditing ratings to ensure consistency. Netflix have now populated their entire catalogue of original and acquired content with BBFC age ratings, giving families in the UK trusted age rating guidance and advice.

Families can now choose content safe in the knowledge that everything they press play on is rated to trusted, high BBFC standards. Netflix's parental controls are also powered by BBFC data. Netflix has also improved its parental controls based on BBFC data and member feedback. Parents can now:

  • pin protect individual profiles to prevent kids using them;

  • tailor their kids Netflix experience by filtering out titles that are not appropriate for their age based on BBFC ratings;

  • remove individual series or films by title. When this filter is used, the blocked title(s) won't show up anywhere in that profile.

  • easily review each profile's setting using the "Profile and Parental Controls" hub within account settings;

  • see what their kids have been watching within the profile created for them; and

  • turn off auto play of episodes in kids profiles.

Comment: Old cuts on Netflix

2nd December 2020. Thanks to Tim

It is an interesting article about Netflix using BBFC ratings, particularly as they have previously shown films without BBFC ratings and with compulsory BBFC cuts reinstated. For example they showed The Mountain Men (1980) including the compulsory horse fall cuts and Walking Tall (1973) with the BBFC video cuts for violence reinstated even though the BBFC have never waived those for DVD.

Presumably Netflix can now override BBFC ratings and award their own. Perhaps there is an agreement to consult with the BBFC over the more controversial cuts.

It would be interesting to note if Netflix are expected to follow the BBFC's pedantic rules on horse trips and the like. Nominally UK law requirements only apply to cinema films and could legally be quietly forgotten about for online video.

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