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No News Saturday 22nd September...

News Friday 14th September...

Liberty Watch Liberty News European court buildings
UK mass surveillance ruled unlawful in landmark judgment
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the UK's mass interception programmes have breached the European Convention on Human Rights.

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News Thursday 13th September...

Control Freaks Control Freaks European Parliament logo
Softening a hammer blow
The EU parliament approved a few amendments to try and soften the blow of massive new internet censorship regime
Control Freaks Control Freaks EFF logo
Comment: A grim day for digital rights in Europe
Comments about censorship machines, link tax, and clicking on terrorist content
Liberty Watch Privacy The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide to Life
The Cookie Law
The EU ePrivacy regulation due in a few months is set to require websites to be more open about tracking cookies and more strict in gaining consent for their use

News Wednesday 12th September...

Control Freaks Control Freaks the rise of machines 2018
The Rise of the Machines: Cyberdyne is created
MEPs approve copyright law requiring Google and Facebook to use censorship machines to block user uploads that may contain snippets of copyright material, including headlines, article text, pictures and video
Liberty Watch Privacy Nominet
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Not very private privacy protections
UK internet domain controller Nominet consults on proposals to ensure that copyright holders and the UK authorities can obtains the identity of website owners even when privacy proxy services are used

News Tuesday 11th September...

Control Freaks Control Freaks European Parliament logo
Voting in Cyberdyne's Censorship Machine's
How the EU's Copyright Filters Will Make it Trivial For Anyone to Censor the Internet
Control Freaks Control Freaks politican anthea mcintyre
Won't somebody think of the musicians
Anthea McIntyre MEP on unfair copyright

News Monday 10th September...

Control Freaks Control Freaks European Court of Justice
Conveniently forgetting that China, Russia and Saudi may demand the same
European Court of Justice hears case with France calling for its information bans under the 'right to be forgotten' to be implemented throughout the World.

News Friday 7th September...

Liberty Watch Liberty News surveillance 2018
Chilling citizens' rights to freedom of expression
Big Brother Watch report: The State of Surveillance in 2018
Control Freaks Control Freaks European Parliament logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Showdown on censorship machines and the link tax
These are the options in front of MEPs on September 12

News Thursday 6th September...

Control Freaks Control Freaks eff machine 0300x0150
The rise of the machines
The EFF on Why the Whole World Should Be Up in Arms About the EU's Looming Internet Catastrophe

Previous Liberty

Control Freaks Control Freaks

23rd Jan
Let's Stop the Censorship Machines
A few MEPs produce YouTube video highlighting the corporate and state censorship that will be enabled by an EU proposal to require social media posts to be approved before posting by an automated censorship machine
Control Freaks Control Freaks

21st Jan
Putting America First
MPAA pressurises the UK culture secretary to assist in maintaining copyright controls to ensure that the big American media industry maintains its dominance
UK News Bollox Britain

20th Jan
Offsite Article: Have a drink -- it won't kill you
Researchers want the alcohol guidelines lowered. Ignore them. By Rob Lyons
Liberty Watch Privacy

17th Jan
Offsite Article: Detecting people who walk side by side
Facebook's patent applications reveals some of its creepy ideas about working out who you know


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