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News Saturday 17th March...

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'Welcome back Mr Jones, we see you have another new girlfriend, we've a special for you on condoms'
7-Eleven convenience stores to snoop on customers using facial recognition technology

News Friday 16th March...

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Open sourced protest
The EU's disgraceful censorship machines are inevitably aimed at a lot wider censorship than that cited of copyrighted movies and music, and github is fighting back

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A little off topic from censorship but nevertheless related



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15th Mar
sandvine's packetlogic middleboxes
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Turkey reveals the nasty capabilities of state snooping black boxes
GCHQ/NSA style super snooping 'middleboxes' are being used rather indiscreetly in Turkey to target a wide range of internet users
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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Close the Windows
The Tails operating system provides privacy and anonymity and it runs from a memory stick
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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The rise of the censorship machines
European Parliament has been nobbled by a pro censorship EU commissioner
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14th Mar
US Senate
US internet snooping
EFF and 23 Groups Tell Congress to Oppose the CLOUD Act
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12th Mar
Facebook logo
Facing down researchers (and their governments)
Facebook is commendably refusing to hand over private Facebook data to researchers who want to see how fake news (and no doubt other politically incorrect content) spreads
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9th Mar
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Appeals for free speech
Germany looks to create an appeals body to contest false censorship caused by the undue haste required for take downs
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4th Mar
Detroit: Become Human
The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect recommends
A new video game, Detroit: Become Human
Control FreaksControl Freaks

28th Feb
European Parliament logo
The censorship machines are coming
It sounds like big business has got at MEPs rewriting copyright law. Perhaps Brexit is a good thing after all

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Control FreaksControl Freaks

23rd Jan
Let's Stop the Censorship Machines
A few MEPs produce YouTube video highlighting the corporate and state censorship that will be enabled by an EU proposal to require social media posts to be approved before posting by an automated censorship machine
Control FreaksControl Freaks

21st Jan
Putting America First
MPAA pressurises the UK culture secretary to assist in maintaining copyright controls to ensure that the big American media industry maintains its dominance
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20th Jan
Offsite Article: Have a drink -- it won't kill you
Researchers want the alcohol guidelines lowered. Ignore them. By Rob Lyons
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17th Jan
Offsite Article: Detecting people who walk side by side
Facebook's patent applications reveals some of its creepy ideas about working out who you know


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