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News Sunday 26th January...

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Control Freaks
Regressive Taxation
The German implementation of link tax from the new EU Copyright Directive is even more extreme than the directive
privacy international logo
Offsite Article: Cloud extraction technology
The secret tech that lets government agencies collect masses of data from your apps. By Privacy International

News Friday 24th January...

age appropriate press faq
Do not snoop, do not profile, and do not earn any money
Newspapers realise that the ICO default child protection policy may be very popular with adults too, and so it may prove tough to get them to age verify as required for monetisation
Metropiltan Police badge
And ICO takes a watching brief
Met Police to make facial recognition cameras a fully operational feature of its arsenal

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News Thursday 23rd January...

exel voss
Control Freaks
Supreme Irony
The lawmaker behind EU a new copyright law that massively advantages US companies now whinges about the US domination of the internet
information commissioners office logo
Commented: Floundering
ICO takes no immediate action against the most blatant examples of people's most personal data being exploited without consent, ie profiled advertising

News Sunday 19th January...

logo clearview ai
Offsite Article: The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It
A little-known start-up helps law enforcement match photos of unknown people to their database of online images scraped from social media

News Thursday 16th January...

google chrome logo
Playing the EU's Silly Cookie Game
Google's Chrome browser will ban 3rd party tracking cookies albeit over the course of two years
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Exposed pussies
Another example about how dangerous it is to provide personal data for age or identity verification related to adult websites

News Wednesday 15th January...

google chrome logo
Offsite Article Searching for better privacy
Google to strangle user agent strings in its chrome browse to hamper advertisers from profiling users via fingerprinting

News Tuesday 14th January...

privacy international logo
Even Facebook is preinstalled to avoid users realising how many access rights it assumes
50 rights organisations call on Google to ban exploitative apps being pre-installed on phones to work around user privacy settings

News Monday 13th January...

skype logo
Offsite Article: Skype audio monitored by workers in China with no security measures
Former Microsoft contractor says he was emailed a login after minimal vetting

News Friday 3rd January...

location data
Offsite Article: Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy
A interesting report on how smart phone location date is being compiled and databased in the US. By Stuart A. Thompson and Charlie Warzel
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Control Freaks
Offsite Article: Canada gives a copyright exception for non-commercial user generated content
The EU whinges about Canadian copyright law as it does not give media giants absolute control over content

News Wednesday 1st January...

California state seal
Do Not Sell My Personal Information
California leads the way on internet privacy in the US as its CCPA law comes into effect

News Tuesday 31st December...

politico logo
Offsite Article: Facial recognition
People hate it but government's love it, guess who is prevailing?

News Monday 30th December...

EFF logo
Offsite Article: EFF's Year in Review
Encrypting DNS. By Max Hunter and Seth Schoen

News Sunday 29th December...

EFF logo
Offsite Article: EFF's Year in Review
Fancy New Terms, Same Old Backdoors: The Encryption Debate in 2019. By Joe Mullin

News Saturday 28th December...

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Self financing snooping
France initiates a program of mass social media surveillance in the name of preventing tax fraud


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