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News Tuesday 22nd January...

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Having to ask Google to find the way to opt out of personalised advertising
Google fined 50 million euros for not providing clear consent when snooping on browsing history so as to personalise adverts

News Saturday 19th January...

Control Freaks Control Freaks julia reda
Hollywood held at bay
MEP Julia Reda reports that several nations are fighting for the livelihoods of Europeans by resisting the EU's disgraceful link tax and censorship machines law

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News Tuesday 15th January...

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And they wonder why Brits are so keen to leave
The EU is bent on destroying the livelihoods of European creators in favour of handing over control and money making on the internet to US media giants

News Monday 7th January...

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Corporate monstrosity
Sony Android TVs block streaming via Kodi

News Wednesday 2nd January...

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General Data Protection Rights abuse
Google may continue to use facial recognition to tag pictures obtained from Google Photos without obtaining consent

News Saturday 22nd December...

Control Freaks Control Freaks vodafone 0300x0300 logo
A new process
Vodafone ISP starts blocking pirate websites without waiting for a court order

News Friday 21st December...

Liberty Watch Privacy New York State seal
Petition: Anything you've said on social media will be noted and used against you
New York State is considering legislation that demands gun licence applicants hand over social media and Google passwords so that these accounts can be checked for political correctness


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