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No News Monday 22nd July...

News Sunday 21st July...

Internet Internet News the great hack poster
What have Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Cambridge Analytica clients got in common?
They deserve and need investigating...but Aaron Banks' wallet says otherwise


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News Saturday 20th July...

movies Movie News Poster Midsommar 2019 Ari Aster
Updated: Midsommar
The Daily Mail picks up on the censorship and a Director's Cut
Internet Internet News Brexiteer buggered
Updated: Not so incognito as you may expect
Porn sites are tracking and snooping on users, and for some, their browsing may be classified as contrary to their public life.
Internet Internet News EFF logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Don't Let Encrypted Messaging Become a Hollow Promise
The EFF publishes a technical discussion on how the authorities are circumventing encryption used by messaging services

News Friday 19th July...

Internet Internet News european commission logo
Brexit has its upsides
The EU seeks to extend and centralise internet censorship across the EU
movies Movie News 70 years of the FSK
German film censors achieve 70 years of film censorship
And describe a timetable for all but 18+ ratings to go self rated from next year

News Friday 19th July...

Internet Internet News instagram logo
Instagram adds another reason to ban users but promises better warnings of impending censorship and also a better appeal process

News Wednesday 17th July...

Internet Internet News nodding dog
Negligent UK lawmakers devised an age verification scheme with no data protection for porn users
Now it appears that users who try to protect themselves with VPNs may be unknowingly handing their browsing data over to the Chinese government
movies Movie News Poster Current War 2017 Alfonso Gomezrejon
The Current War
Cut in the US for an MPAA PG-13 rated theatrical release
movies Movie News pet sematary ukjpeg poster
Pet Whinges
ASA dismisses complaints about the poster for Pet Sematary

News Tuesday 16th July...

Internet Internet News 13 Reasons Why: Season One DVD
13 Reasons Why
Cuts in the uncut version have been cut from the Netflix version

News Tuesday 16th July...

Games News Games News raspberry cube
Switch to Swtich
Another example of game censored by Sony but uncensored by Nintendo
Games News Games News devotion
Updated: Devotion to censorship
Extreme punishment for a Taiwan games company that included the Winnie the Pooh meme in a game
Internet Internet News YouTube logo
Commented: YouTube speaks out against the censorship proposed in the Online Harms white paper
YouTube is reluctant to censor drill music videos
movies Movie News Poster Hidden Sword 2017 Haofeng Xu
Extract The Hidden Sword
Chinese film censorship leaves little chance that its films can find international success and the resulting insipid films are hardly setting China's box office alight

News Monday 15th July...

Internet Internet News nodding dog
Today's the day when porn internet censorship was to have begun
Margot James apologises for the delay whilst the Open Rights Group points out the scheme is still not safe for porn viewers


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