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News Tuesday 19th November...

TV Censorship Tech News Microsoft
More privacy, less state snooping
Microsoft announces that it is in the process of implementing options to use encrypted DNS servers

News Monday 18th November...

Games News Games News Wolfenstein 3D
Museum of Censorship
Wolfenstein 3D is unbanned in Germany after 27 years when a court accepted that video games are an art form and can so claim exemption from a law banning Nazi symbology
movies Movie News Lady and the Tramp Blu-ray
Updated: Joined up censorship
Speculation put to rest that the Lady and the Tramp will be censored for the new streaming service Disney+


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News Sunday 17th November...

Internet Internet News doubleclick logo
Sensitive changes
Google to withhold details from advertisers about where people are browsing on the internet

News Saturday 16th November...

Internet Internet News simpsons birthday surprise video
Stark Raving Dad
Michael Jackson episode of the Simpsons missing from Disney+
Internet Internet News disney plus
There's no pleasing the Parent's TV Council
Disney+ stills needs to add parental controls to keep PG-13 rated movies out of reach

News Friday 15th November...

movies Movie News Poster Black Christmas 2019 Sophia Takal
Slasher morphs into chick flick
Black Christmas is remade as a PG-13 rated film that needs 'to be available to a younger female audience'
Music News Music News rosa ree vitamin u video
Too sexy for Tanzania
Censors ban Rosa Ree from performing after sexy music video

News Friday 15th November...

Internet Internet News pornhub logo
Hardcore propaganda
After being censored by YouTube Chinese mainlanders take to Pornhub to distribute videos criticising the Hong Kong protesters

News Wednesday 13th November...

Internet Internet News popjam video
ASA bans ad for kids social media app that encourages amassing followers through 'likes'
But surely healthier than ASA's PC world that encourages amassing followers through complaining, whingeing, victimhood, getting all offended, and bullying others who don't agree
movies Movie News Poster Ford V Ferrari 2019 James Mangold
Indian film censors cut Ford v Ferrari
Internet Internet News nepal parliament logo
Entirely foreseen consequences
A year on from a Nepal government porn ban it has little effect beyond an increase in reported rapes
Internet Internet News russia duma logo
Pre-installed government apps
Russia's lawmakers dream up the next chapter of nastiness for internet users

News Wednesday 13th November...

TV Censorship Tech News Apple logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Hold on, isn't that one of the EFF's warning how the authorities work around encryption
Apple's Siri caught squirelling away an unencrypted local copy of your encrypted emails
Internet Internet News EU flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: These new GDPR rules were meant to protect our privacy. They don't work
Imagine if ITV had to offer an option to let viewers opt out of adverts whilst continuing to watch for free. There would soon be no ITV. Yet the EU cloud cuckoolanders are trying to force the internet to offer that same option

News Tuesday 12th November...

Internet Internet News net nanny
Fact checking
The silly perennial story they governments and their staff are accessing porn whilst at work
Internet Internet News uk government 300 logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: UK shows how not to regulate tech
Nobody said it was easy. But it shouldn't be this hard either. By Amol Rajan BBC Media editor
Internet Internet News South Korea flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Of indeterminate age
South Korea court rules explicit anime and manga drawings are images of child sex abuse



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