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News Sunday 19th November...

InternetInternet News poland nationalists march
It's a hard job being an algorithm
Facebook gets in a censorship mess over whether news picture of Poland's marches are incendiary or newsworthy

News Friday 17th November...

InternetInternet News EU flag
Failing politicians love fake news, they think it is something to blame their failure on
And the EU loves fake news a lot! And so it is setting up a new censorship body to find even more of it
InternetInternet News twitter verified logo
Endorsed as Politically Correct
Twitter redefines its 'verified' tick qualifications to exclude the politically incorrect

Media Censorship

Ofcom are the UK TV censors who regulate UK commercial TV via broadcast, cable and satellite.

The BBC regulate themselves and UK Internet TV will soon have to submit to a basic level of regulation




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Recent Media

InternetInternet News

16th Nov
EU flag
More EU censorship legislation for the benefit of multinational companies
The European Union enacts new regulation enabling the blocking of websites without judicial oversight
advertsAdvert News

15th Nov
royal mail heist video
Distressing censorship
ASA bans Royal Mail bank raid video advert from post watershed video on demand
InternetInternet News freedom on the net 2017
Freedom On the Net 2017
Freedom house reports on the international emergence of new censorship trends such as employing social media discussion manipulators
TV CensorshipStage News The Good Person Of Szechwan
PC seems to be fermenting division and intolerance
US college bans a performance of Bertolt Brecht's The Good Person of Szechwan
InternetInternet News Facebook logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Way too little, way too late
Facebook's factcheckers say effort is failing, (and that Facebook should be hiring armies of well paid journalists to combat 'fake news')
InternetInternet News

14th Nov
Theresa May
Fake accusations
More failing politicians clutch at straws blaming their unpopularity on 'fake news' rather than their own failures
booksBook News

13th Nov
Silencing Dissent: How the Australian government is controlling public opinion and stifling debate
Australian puppets dance for their Chinese masters
Chinese pressure, or fear of Chinese pressure, gets an Australian book dropped by Australian publishers
booksBook News Pippi in the South Seas
Strange Adventures from Darkest PC Land
Chidren's daycare centre get into trouble of the reading of a Pippi Longstocking story in a Swedish library
advertsAdvert News

12th Nov
Twas the night before Puntmas
When some Christians were stirred, claiming twas blasphemy that they'd heard
TV CensorshipStage News aplestine national theatre logo
Theatre censors
Israel shuts down the Palestinian National Theatre
InternetInternet News robin red breast
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Facebook consider robin red 'breast' Christmas card to be adult content
If Facebook are going to mess around with people's livelihoods with shoddy algorithms, then they should at least set up an appeal system that they actually respond to
InternetInternet News

11th Nov
openmedia logo
Siding with the powerful and oppressive
Disgraceful European Council members seek to restrict internet users from the freedom to express themselves on the internet
TV CensorshipTV News russia today international logo
Propaganda war
The US requires the Russian propaganda channel RT to register as a 'foreign agent'
InternetInternet News amber rudd
Artificial intelligence expectations
Amber Rudd calls for the AI blocking of terrorist content before it is posted
Games NewsGames News esrb logo
Ruiner release ruined
US games raters change the rules to require online games to submit to expensive rating fees should they subsequently want to release special editions on physical disks
InternetInternet News YouTube logo
Inappropriate themes
YouTube announces rule change applying to parodies using children's characters

Previous Media

TV CensorshipTV News

10th Nov
What the fuck!
Canadian TV censor clears the use of the word 'fuck' on daytime French language TV and radio
InternetInternet News
Updated: Virtual Prohibited Networks
New Russian law takes effect demanding that VPNs block websites on the censor's block list
InternetInternet News

9th Nov
SESTA censorship
US internet censorship bill passed by the Senate Commerce Committee
booksBook News
Offsite Article: When did fiction become so dangerous?
A book critic's job is no longer to review, but to call out writers guilty of crimes of the imagination. By Lionel Shriver
InternetInternet News

8th Nov
MindGeek will become the Google/Amazon/Facebook of porn
Only US porn giants will be able to afford onerous and expensive age verification requirements. The UK adult trade will be devastated, whilst the American porn giants will march on
InternetInternet News
Snooping rights
UK human rights organisations challenge the UK mass snooping regime at the European Court of Human Rights
TV CensorshipTV News
Updated Censors have a crush on homophobia
Kenya bans Disney TV show Andi Mack, citing homosexuality
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: Demos think tank doesn't buy the idea that terrorists are radicalised by internet content
The truth is that a lot of the material that terrorists share is not actually illegal at all. Instead, it was often comprised of news reports about perceived injustices in Palestine, stuff that you could never censor in a free society.
advertsAdvert News

7th Nov
Censorship doesn't come cheap you know!
South African advert censor seeks to raise funding in an industry levy
TV CensorshipTV News

6th Nov
Post-mortem censure
Fox News has ended in the UK but Ofcom have announced that it would have been censured for its partisan reporting of Trump's muslim ban
InternetInternet News

5th Nov
The Internet Association has let the Internet down
EFF comments that the big internet companies are now supporting a US internet censorship bill because they can afford to implement the onerous requirements, whilst smaller competitors cannot
InternetInternet News

4th Nov
Patently sensible
US court overrules Canada's Supreme Court who demanded that Google delist various websites from worldwide search
InternetInternet News
Offsite Article: In five years, everyone will have a VPN
VPN awareness will continue to expand as consumers begin to comprehend the degree to which their ISPs and other tech entities regularly infringe on their privacy. By David Lang

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