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News Wednesday 22nd May...

Internet Internet News bbfc av graphic logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A reminder that age verification for porn is an unnecessary risk that is easily avoided
Proposed controversial online age verification checks could increase the risk of identity theft and other cyber crimes, warn security experts
movies Movie News Poster Unplanned 2019 Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Unplanned banned
Canada's film distributors decide not to release anti-abortion movie, perhaps preferring to avoid getting involved in a rather toxic religious debate

News Tuesday 21st May...

Internet Internet News tossedout logo
An EFF project to show how people are unfairly censored by social media platforms' absurd enforcement of content rules
Internet Internet News firefox logo
Ramping up the encrypted internet to protect against the dangers of age verification
Firefox has a research project to integrate with TOR to create a Super Private Browsing mode
movies Movie News Bumblebee DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Bumblebee
Distributor cuts for a PG rated cinema and video release
Internet Internet News Facebook logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Actionable Insights
Thanks to Facebook, Your Cellphone Company Is Watching You More Closely Than Ever


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News Sunday 19th May...

movies Movie News Poster Rocketman 2019 Dexter Fletcher
Space Camp
Australian distributors reprise a US debate about whether Rocketman should be cut for a lower rating

News Saturday 18th May...

Internet Internet News european commission logo
Anti European People
The next monstrosity from our EU lawmakers is to relax net neutrality laws so that large internet corporates can better snoop on and censor the European peoples
Internet Internet News kaspersky secure connections logo
Securely connected to government servers
International VPNs decline to hook up to Russian censorship machines

News Friday 17th May...

Internet Internet News south african law reform commission logo
Magic apps
South African government considers reams of new law to protect children from porn

News Thursday 16th May...

Internet Internet News ardern
The Christchurch Call
World governments get together with tech companies in Paris to step internet censorship. But Trump is unimpressed with the one sided direction that the censorship is going

News Thursday 16th May...

Internet Internet News donald trump
The right's right to free speech
Donald Trump sets up an internet page to report examples of politically biased internet censorship
movies Movie News Poster John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellu 2019 Chad Stahelski
Wick trimmed
The Indian film censor makes significant cuts to John Wick 3
Internet Internet News ncac logo
National Coalition Against Censorship organises nude nipples event with photographer Spencer Tunick

News Wednesday 15th May...

Internet Internet News house of lords red logo
Website blocking blocked
House of Lords: Questions about DNS over HTTPS
TV Censorship TV News enes kanter
Tall stories
Turkish TV bans basketball finals because one of the players is an Erdogan critic

News Wednesday 15th May...

movies Movie News Capernaum DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Avengers Endgame
Is the China cinema boom slowing down as censorship clampdown bites?

News Tuesday 14th May...

Internet Internet News steinmeier
Extract: German president calls for more internet censorship
European politicians vs Silicon Valley
TV Censorship TV News German Pay TV rules
Token plot
German Pay TV censorship rules for sex films

News Monday 13th May...

Internet Internet News On The Buses DVD
Tubes banned on the Tube
Government announces new law to ban watching porn in public places
Internet Internet News channel islands government logo
The Porn Channel
The Channel Islands is considering whether to join the UK in the censorship of internet porn


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