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News Sunday 26th January...

german gvernment justice ministry logo
Regressive Taxation
The German implementation of link tax from the new EU Copyright Directive is even more extreme than the directive
privacy international logo
Offsite Article: Cloud extraction technology
The secret tech that lets government agencies collect masses of data from your apps. By Privacy International
euronews logo
Offsite Article: Harmful government
Internet regulation is necessary but an overzealous Online Harms bill could harm our rights. By Michael Drury and Julian Hayes

News Saturday 25th January...

brexit celebration
A Brexit bounty
UK Government wisely decides not to adopt the EU's disgraceful Copyright Directive that requires YouTube and Facebook to censor people's uploads if they contain even a snippet of copyrighted material


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News Friday 24th January...

age appropriate press faq
Do not snoop, do not profile, and do not earn any money
Newspapers realise that the ICO default child protection policy may be very popular with adults too, and so it may prove tough to get them to age verify as required for monetisation

News Thursday 23rd January...

exel voss
Supreme Irony
The lawmaker behind EU a new copyright law that massively advantages US companies now whinges about the US domination of the internet
age appropriate design 2020
Updated: Children likely to prove toxic to a website's monetisation
ICO backs off a little from an age gated internet but imposes masses of red tape for any website that is likely to be accessed by under 18s
Protocols of the Elders of Zion by  Hardcover
Book News
The best remedy for offensive speech is more speech
Amazon explains why it sells an anti-jewish book of historical interest
information commissioners office logo
Commented: Floundering
ICO takes no immediate action against the most blatant examples of people's most personal data being exploited without consent, ie profiled advertising

News Wednesday 22nd January...

mr creosote
Obituary: Mr Creosote goes out with a bang
Terry Jones director and star of Monty Python's Life of Brian dies aged 77
little america poster
Apple TV episode banned in 10 Arabic nations and Russia
Qatar flag
Banning news that the government doesn't like
Qatar announces new law banning 'false news'

News Tuesday 21st January...

new zealand government logo
The cost of censorship
New Zealand Government debates how to apply age ratings to internet TV
the truth has changed poster
The Truth Has Changed
Political theatre show cancelled by the venue after what sounds like a bit of an argument

News Tuesday 21st January...

kfc zinger video
Advert News
Collective Shout recommend
An Australian TV advert for KFC's Zinger Popcorn Box
Then Came Massacre: The Extraordinary Story of England's Maurice Tate by Justin
Offsite Article: Does this also mean readers are being profiled as terrorists for reading sport reports?
Newspapers miss out on advertising opportunities as internet AI gets confused between a soccer report about shooting and attack gets confused with prohibited terrorist content

News Monday 20th January...

the witcher poster
Parents TV Council recommends
The Witcher on Netflix
The Best of 80's Scream Queens Blu-ray
Offsite Article: Scream Queens And Exploitation Movie Glamour Girls
The gratuitous nudity and unlikely glamour shoots used to promote exploitation films and their female stars.

News Sunday 19th January...

Poster Rhythm Section 2020 Reed Morano
The Rhythm Section
Resubmitted to the BBFC in a slightly shorter version prior to release


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