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News Saturday 22nd September...

movies Movie News rafiki
Updated Maybe there should be an Oscar for the Best Censorship Drama
Kenyan film maker sues the country's film censors and gets the film unbanned for 7 days in time to qualify for the Oscars
Internet Internet News vera jourova
Dirty talking
The EU Commissioner for 'justice' and gender equality labels Facebook and Twitter as 'channels of dirt'
Internet Internet News Google China logo
Evil plans
The Intercept reveals more details about Google's plans to collaborate with the Chinese government to monitor and censor internet searches
Internet Internet News twitch logo
Trigger happy censorship
China blocks game streaming website and app, Twitch
TV Censorship TV News cctv
Peak censorship
China to ban all foreign programming from prime time TV
Internet Internet News info wars logo
Updated: An outright ban
US internet companies line up to censor Alex Jones' Info Wars
Internet Internet News nepal government logo
No more sherpa porn
Nepal is set to ban all internet porn

News Friday 21st September...

Internet Internet News arms of the british governmentjpg logo
Silencing the British people
BuzzFeed News leaks UK government plans to set up an internet censor along the lines of Ofcom
Games News Games News China flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Censors not playing the game
China freezes video game approval after a change of organisation and the resulting consideration of new rules


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News Thursday 20th September...

Games News Games News loot box
More like gambling than baseball cards
European games censors get together to oppose loot boxes in video games
movies Movie News manmarziyaan poster
Updated: A warning to all cinema owners
Manmarziyaan hurts religious sentiments in India and is banned in Pakistan

News Wednesday 19th September...

Internet Internet News Ofcom logo
Fake concerns, fake surveys about fake news
Ofcom joins in the government's propaganda campaign, calling for the internet censorship to be as strict as TV censorship
TV Censorship Stage News stitching poster
A Stitch in Time
Malta's Unifaun Theatre stages the play Stitching, a decade after it was banned, which set in motion a rewrite of the country's censorship laws

News Tuesday 18th September...

movies Movie News Poster Nun 2018 Corin Hardy
Faith in censorship
Lebanon bans the horror movie, The Nun

News Monday 17th September...

Internet Internet News tony hall
What is the point of TV censorship?
Well according to Tony Hall it's to impose onerous expenses to even up commercial imbalances

News Sunday 16th September...

movies Movie News Poster Smallfoot 2018 Karey Kirkpatrick and Jason Reis
Smallfoot, the latest film to suffer category cuts for cinema release
Yetis go out in search of humans, strange and mythical creatures that can be reduced to a blubbering heap by the sound of a four letter word
TV Censorship Stage News mid summer nights dream iran
Cultural censorship
Iran imprisons theatre manager and the director of Midsummer Night's Dream
TV Censorship TV News tuzagi john waynepg
True Git
Sunday morning westerns on TV end in Turkey over bad relations with Donald Trump
Music News Music News Götterdämmerung
Rousing music
Wagner still unofficially boycotted by Israel

News Saturday 15th September...

Internet Internet News european commission logo
The EU snaps its fingers
The European Commission publishes its proposal for massive fines for internet companies that don't implement censorship orders within the hour
Internet Internet News Relaxation Therapy
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Spine tingling censorship
Paypal associates autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) content (relaxing whispering) with sex, and then rather unfairly invokes its anti-sex censorship and restrictions

News Friday 14th September...

Internet Internet News European court buildings
UK mass surveillance ruled unlawful in landmark judgment
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the UK's mass interception programmes have breached the European Convention on Human Rights.
Games News Games News nutaku games 0299x0297 logo
Good to adult porn games on the ascendancy

News Thursday 13th September...

Internet Internet News European Parliament logo
Softening a hammer blow
The EU parliament approved a few amendments to try and soften the blow of massive new internet censorship regime
Internet Internet News EFF logo
Comment: A grim day for digital rights in Europe
Comments about censorship machines, link tax, and clicking on terrorist content
Internet Internet News The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide to Life
The Cookie Law
The EU ePrivacy regulation due in a few months is set to require websites to be more open about tracking cookies and more strict in gaining consent for their use

News Wednesday 12th September...

Internet Internet News the rise of machines 2018
The Rise of the Machines: Cyberdyne is created
MEPs approve copyright law requiring Google and Facebook to use censorship machines to block user uploads that may contain snippets of copyright material, including headlines, article text, pictures and video
Games News Games News steam negligee
Coming of age
Steam is true to it word and approves an adult game called Negligee: Love Stories
Internet Internet News Nominet
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Not very private privacy protections
UK internet domain controller Nominet consults on proposals to ensure that copyright holders and the UK authorities can obtains the identity of website owners even when privacy proxy services are used

News Tuesday 11th September...

Internet Internet News resist av video
Campaign: ResistAV
Pandora Blake and Myles Jack launch a new campaigning website to raise funds for a challenge to the government's upcoming internet porn censorship regime
Internet Internet News lucy powell
Our echo chamber is better than yours
Labour's Lucy Powell introduces bill to censor closed online Facebook groups
Internet Internet News European Parliament logo
Voting in Cyberdyne's Censorship Machine's
How the EU's Copyright Filters Will Make it Trivial For Anyone to Censor the Internet
Internet Internet News politican anthea mcintyre
Won't somebody think of the musicians
Anthea McIntyre MEP on unfair copyright
movies Movie News Snuff DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Snuff
Banned as a video nasty, perhaps falsely affirming the notion that it was a real snuff movie

News Monday 10th September...

Internet Internet News European Court of Justice
Conveniently forgetting that China, Russia and Saudi may demand the same
European Court of Justice hears case with France calling for its information bans under the 'right to be forgotten' to be implemented throughout the World.
Internet Internet News index logo
Comment: Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill not fit for purpose
Index on Censorship is concerned about the UK's Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill and believes that the bill should go back to the drawing board.

News Sunday 9th September...

Art News Art News amanda mote
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Mother and babies censored
Artists seek answers for art censorship at Darke County Fair in Ohio

News Saturday 8th September...

movies Movie News jungle love poster
Culturally backward Thurrock Council
Two films banned from the Thurrock International 'Celebration' of Culture film festival
Internet Internet News ageid logo
Pornhub partners with anonymous system based on retailers verifying ages without recording ID


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