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News Sunday 11th November...

movies Movie News Poster Overlord 2018 Julius Avery
Cut in Australia for an MA15+ rating

News Saturday 10th November...

movies Movie News Promises! Promises! DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Promises! Promises!
The History Of Nudity In R-Rated Films. By Dirk Libbey


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News Thursday 8th November...

Internet Internet News open rights group 2016 logo
BBFC: Age verification we don't trust
Analysis of BBFC's Post-Consultation Guidance by the Open Rights Group
Internet Internet News skype logo
A modern swear box
Its probably not a good idea to leave much money in a Skype or XBox Live account as Microsoft can now seize it if they catch you using a vaguely offence word
Internet Internet News Facebook logo
Creeping about your life
Facebook friend suggestion: Ms Tress who visits your husband upstairs at your house for an hour every Thursday afternoon whilst you are at work

News Wednesday 7th November...

movies Movie News Poster Deadpool 2 2018 David Leitch
Once Upon a Deadpool
Children's version of Deadpool 2 rated PG-13 by the MPAA
movies Movie News a star is born poster
Don't pull the trigger
New Zealand film censor demands a suicide trigger warning to be prefixed to A Star is Born
Internet Internet News webfoundation 0300x0078 0297x0077 logo
Campiagn: Contract for the Web
Tim Berners-Lee launches campaign to defend a free and open internet
Art News Art News Field Book of Western Wild Flowers
The art of social division
The politically correct National Trust promotes women's art by censoring men's art

News Monday 5th November...

Internet Internet News gab logo
Updated: An unwanted gift
Social media site Gab censored by internet companies

News Sunday 4th November...

movies Movie News Poster Hunter Killer 2018 Donovan Marsh
Hunter Killer
The movie is banned in Russia and Ukraine over its plot about a kidnapped Russian president
movies Movie News Climax Blu-ray
Gaspar Noe's Climax banned in Lebanon
movies Movie News Poster House That Jack Built 2018 Lars Von Trier
The House That Jack Built
Will be screened as a Director's Cut and also an MPAA R rated Theatrical Version

News Friday 2nd November...

Internet Internet News more impact online
Looking out easy offence
Advert censor ASA launches a new strategy document announcing more proactive censorship of online advertising
Internet Internet News Google logo
It would prevent them from censoring conservative voices
Google claims that is impractical to require it to implement US constitutional free speech
movies Movie News Poster Grinch 2018 Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier
Updated: The Grinch
Cinema release cut for a 'U' rating

News Wednesday 31st October...

Internet Internet News UKCCIS logo
UK Council for Internet Censorship
Government announces a new UK Council for Internet 'Safety'
movies Movie News Halloween 4k Blu-ray
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: BBFC Podcast Episode 86
Halloween, the 1978 original and the 2018 remake

News Monday 29th October...

TV Censorship Tech News logo pennsylvania state police
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Smart surveillance
How the smart home could allow your house to spy on you and be manipulated by governments and hackers

News Saturday 27th October...

Games News Games News sony games censorship
Seduced by censorship
Sony is demanding the censorship of the sexual content of Japanese video games
Internet Internet News google russia logo
Russia's red lines
Google to be fined by Russia for defying censorship orders


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