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News Friday 26th May...

InternetInternet News Theresa May
Update: Extreme optimism
Theresa May claims that social media censorship will be a panacea for religious violence
InternetInternet News US Senate
Intrusive snooping
Internet companies are attempting to block a US bill requiring that users permission is obtained before gathering people's web browsing history for commercial purposes

News Tuesday 23rd May...

moviesMovie News Poster Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Long H 2017 David Bowers
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
BBFC advised category cuts required for a U rated cinema release
moviesMovie News View Kill DVD Roger Moore
Obituary: Roger Moore
The Man With the Golden Gun dies aged 89

Media Censorship

Ofcom are the UK TV censors who regulate UK commercial TV via broadcast, cable and satellite.

The BBC regulate themselves and UK Internet TV will soon have to submit to a basic level of regulation




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InternetInternet News

21st May
Facebook logo
Update: The published rules are fake
Facebook's real censorship rules are leaked
TV CensorshipTech News Samsung Gear VR W/Controller - Latest Edition
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Virtually consent free
If a user created a VR version of their real life girlfriend would they do things to her that they knew she would refuse in the real world?
moviesMovie News

18th May
A taste for censorship
Uganda bans the Dutch film The Dinner Club.
InternetInternet News

11th May
Facebook logo
Update: Austria unfriends free speech
Austrian court demands worldwide censorship of Facebook postings insulting a politician
InternetInternet News Facebook logo
Update: Blocking criticism
Thai military government tries to get heavy with Facebook over users' criticism of the monarchy

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