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John Thomas Spock's Cock Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 23rd January 2023

There is nothing more logical than our customer's love of Spock's Cock ! An immediate best seller as soon as it was launched; this wondrous platinum silicone dildo ticks all the boxes and is guaranteed to make you come in peace!

Spock's Cock boasts nodules and ripples in all the right places. A dipped penile head and thick veinage makes for an aesthetic Vulcan masterpiece.

Presenting in four convenient sizes and a choice of two colours, the giant dildo version is extremely popular.

Spock's Cock looks impressive in beige - but the rainbow fusion version is breathtaking!

Great for anal or vaginal penetration and even better when connected to a compatible sex machine.

See further details at John Thomas Toys  



John Thomas Pee Wee Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 6th January 2023

With a mischievous sense of irony, John Thomas Toys offers Pee Wee , a small sounding dildo in as big a size as you want.

The dong features a stubby shaft with big balls, and is also ideal for anal play.

The not so diminutive dildo is available in 4 sizes from small to extra large. And of course each comes with a range of pleasure ratings: pleasurable, extra pleasurable, extra extra pleasurable , and extra extra extra pleasurable.

This sex toy is not compatible with Vac-U-Lock.

Both light and dark colour schemes are available.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



Updated: John Thomas Pongo Dongo Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 17th December 2022

This beautiful metallic gold, platinum silicone dildo is pure indulgence for him or her.

Pongo Dongo was painstakingly created using cutting edge 3D computer technology, to delivery a treat for all sex toy lovers. The design of this golden shaft captures seven erotic segments which create a wonderful ridge effect which your body will lovingly thank you for. A petite exposed glans head resides at the tip of the shaft waiting to be slipped inside.

Great for both anal and vaginal penetration, Pongo Dongo is available in a 7, 9, 12 and 16 version and a choice of firmness.

This handcrafted toy was made with only the best medical grade platinum silicone and is totally body safe and hypoallergenic.

See further details at John Thomas Toys . Pongo Dongo is also available in black .



John Thomas Oglin Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 28th November 2022

And before you ask, an oglin is a mythical beast that is a cross between an ogre and a goblin. Hopefully this dildo is an anatomically correct depiction of the giant, as the oglin is a legendary performer in the lust department.

This magnificent beast is moulded in beige, and features a ribbed shaft with each ring contributing to the pleasure as it delves deep inside.

The dildo features a vacuum suction pad that is suitable for attachment to standard locking systems such as Vac-U-Lock.

John Thomas Toys recommends that customers take car over dimensions, as premium quality platinum silicone is a heavyweight material that more than does justice to ogre-like cocks

See further details at John Thomas Toys  

Update: Fusion

27th September 2020. See Oglin in fusion black from

The Oglin is now available in a fusion of black, white and grey. John Thomas Toys explains that the dildo is coloured by a hand pouring technique called fusion, as such each dildo is individual, the colouring of each sex toy using this method are aesthetically different & bespoke.

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