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John Thomas Chubby Cedric Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 13th February 2024

With his lovely realistic skin texture, Chubby Cedric is a pink platinum silicone delight.

Molded from a rather chubby English Aristocrat's very own John Thomas, this unusual dildo looks and feels wonderful as it slips inside and out of you. Highly prominent veins and a cut foreskin, complement the worm like ripple which runs from the base, to the top of the shaft and the tapered royal glans which adorns it!

Compatible with Vac-u-lock sex machines and harnesses, this versatile sex toy can also be used handheld.

Due to the lovely ridges Chubby Cedric is particularly enjoyable for anal play.

Free next working day delivery is available on all UK orders. Choice of 4 sizes and 2 textures for your convenience.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Slinky Santiago Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 26th January 2024

Slinky Santiago is your new go-to anal sex toy designed for ultimate satisfaction.

This jet black platinum silicone dildo has gloriously coarse skin which complements the lovely ridges which adorn the length of its shaft. With its tight balls, thick girth and large exposed glans you have a truly pleasing design for an anal treat.

Slinky Santiago is great when connected to a compatible sex machine or harness. It is Vac-u-lock and O-Ring compatible and available in a choice of four sizes and two levels of firmness.

Larger versions are ideal for anal stretching but build up to these slowly.

Comes complete with free large suction cup plug and plush faux velvet bag.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Joshua's Bits Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 9th January 2024

Medical grade platinum silicone has immortalised our favourite courier's cock forever.

This Vac-U-Lock and O-Ring compatible toy is perfect for stimulating the G-Spot or the male P-Spot.

Joshua's Bits comes in 4 handy sizes ranging from 7 to a majestic 16 and is great for hand held use; attached to a harness or compatible sex machine.

Handcrafted using copper molds, every toy features impressive detailing. Hypoallergenic and non-porous, this sex toy can be cleaned in the dishwasher or sterilized in boiling water.

Choose your size, then choose your level of firmness. UK orders receive free next working day delivery and a free large suction cup.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Dino Slug Platinum Silicone Stretcher...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 20th December 2023

Ideal for anal play and anal stretching, Dino Slug is another work of art from John Thomas Toys. Created using 3D computer software and 3D printers - with copper molding - the result is an eye catching platinum silicone anal treat.

Dino Slug is made from body safe, hypoallergenic materials. Handpoured liquid pink, black and gold platinum silicone, fuse into this profound bespoke offering.

Versatility is assured in this Vac-u-lock and O-Ring compatible sex toy , which comes complete with free large suction cup plug.

Four sizes to accomodate all, range from a small 4.5 version to the extra large at 11.

*Always start off small with anal stretching.

See further details at John Thomas Toys

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100% Medical Grade Platinum Silicone Dildos

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FREE Vac-U-Lock™ compatible Suction Cup Plug with all dongs


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