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John Thomas Goose Neck Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 24th May 2023

The John Thomas Goose Neck Platinum Silicone Dildo has been nominated for the AltPorn Awards in the category of Best Butt Toy.

AltPorn.Net has now opened voting for the winners of the 2023 AltStar Awards, aka AltPorn Awards, presented by Bad Dragon. Winners are selected based on a combination of deliberation by the judges panel of editorial and writing staff and votes from fans, models, and producers. Readers can vote at voting page from

The Goose Neck dildo was designed in the UK by John Thomas Toys in the best possible materials, namely medical grade platinum silicone.

The distinctive colour scheme is hand crafted and is unique to each dildo. The dildo is available in an alternative fusion colour scheme or else in jet black .

This range of dildos is compatible with the Vac-U-Lock system to enable its use with a wide variety of sex machines.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Sampson Platinum Silicone Squirting Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 13th May 2023

Sampson is an aggressive work of art - boasting a divine fusion of black, pink and gold - lovingly handpoured, platinum silicone which means every sex toy is therefore unique.

This curved muscular dildo with exposed glans is for the serious sex toy enthusiast.

Wonderful at stimulating the G-Spot or prostate, it's special talent is being able to spray warm water into your orifice of choice at just the right moment. Syringe and tubing provided with each toy!

A choice of 4 sizes cater for individual preferences and each product receives a faux velvet bag for convenient storage after use. Clean in the dishwasher or sterilize in boiling water after use. b

See further details at John Thomas Toys



John Thomas Bully Boy Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 24th April 2023

Bully Boy's thick girth tapers nicely to the tip and he boasts prominent veins and a wholesome raised foreskin.

This dildo has rapidly been established as a firm favourite amongst John Thomas  customers.

Handcrafted from the finest medical grade platinum silicone, this detailed sex toy is an ideal dildo for anal or vaginal penetration.

Versatility is achieved due it's vacuum hole allowing it to be used with compatible strap on harnesses and vac-u-lock sex machines.

Four handy sizes ensure you can get just the fit you require - just be warned as Bully Boy is sure to want to keep you in every night so he can have his way with you.



John Thomas Godzillaz Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 11th April 2023

Godzillaz is a medical grade platinum silicone dildo, each version of this toy boasts a unique one-off look made from a handpouring fusion technique which is rarely employed and time-consuming.

John Thomas Toys have truly created an innovative and exciting design in this scaled and spikey monster cock with glorious tones of black and red.

Vac-u-lock and O Ring Compatible, these dildos are full of detail and full of character. Choose from the 4 available sizes, then choose your level of firmness.

Godzillaz is designed in the UK and made in the USA.

Clean in the dishwasher or sterilize in boiling water.



John Thomas Boogeyman Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 24th March 2023

Watch out - The Boogeyman will get ya!

This platinum silicone dildo stands proudly amongst any sex toy collection. Large bulbous balls lead up to the impressive shaft adorned with thick veins towards an uncut foreskin where the head of this monster cock lays in wait.

Boogeyman is available in a slime green colour or a majestic, hand poured gold and black fusion which we are particularly proud of. Customers rave about Boogeyman as he always manages to hit the spot!

Boogeyman comes in 7", 9", 12" and 16" versions in both colours and in medium or soft firmness. Made from only the finest medical grade platinum silicone he is sure to please.

Schedule some alone time, lube up and bring out the Boogeyman...

See further details at John Thomas Toys. Also available in green



John Thomas Yuppie Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 11th March 2023

Yuppie certainly is a young urban professional and lives up to his name. He's not only stuck up - but stuck in the 1980's if you check out his wardrobe!

Yuppie is a 27 year old socialite who is minted. Based on his very own manhood; this platinum silicone dildo is perfectly tailored to effortlessly slip inside your desired orifice for your delectation.

Featuring a large scrotum, slender shaft and narrow veins, Yuppie leads up to a pointy exposed glans penis head ready for action - just hold on a minute while he puts his filofax down!

Yuppie comes in the regular 4 sizes and also in a choice of beige or brown colours. Choose between soft and medium firmness to ensure a bespoke experience.

See further details at John Thomas Toys. Also available in an alternative darker colour.



John Thomas Pervy Patrick Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 24th February 2023

Pervy Patrick himself is a randy old goat who should know better! He doesn't know the meaning of politically correct and loves nothing more than having an indiscrete perv on whichever unsuspecting women cross his path.

Our Pervy Patrick is a medical grade, platinum silicone realistic dildo with prominent veins, retracted foreskin an exposed glans and a large pair of testicles!

Patrick comes in the usual 4 sizes and in a choice of either beige or brown colour; he looks and feels great attached to your sex machine of choice and will not disappoint!

Patrick was designed in the UK and lovingly brought to life in the USA. Hypoallergenic and simple to clean, this impressive dildo enhances any sex toy collection. Complimentary suction cup and faux velvet bag included.

See further details at John Thomas Toys. Also available in an alternative colour



John Thomas Brutus Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 7th February 2023

Aptly named after the brute he is, Brutus is a meaty dildo with a much loved curvature which has made him a firm favourite. The unusual tilt is great for reaching those intimate areas that others fail to stimulate.

Enjoy Brutus handheld or allow a partner to harness him. For that extra thrill, attach him to a sex machine and unleash the potential of this silicone dildo delight.

Brutus is available in light brown or black and comes in 7, 9, 12 or 16. The XL version is an extremely popular giant dildo that doesn't stay on the shelf for long.

Lube up before you indulge in Brutus and we always recommend the uninitiated building up slowly in size. Brutus is available in a choice of firmness and comes complete with a stylish faux velvet storage bag.

See further details at John Thomas Toys. Also available in beige



John Thomas Spock's Cock Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 23rd January 2023

There is nothing more logical than our customer's love of Spock's Cock ! An immediate best seller as soon as it was launched; this wondrous platinum silicone dildo ticks all the boxes and is guaranteed to make you come in peace!

Spock's Cock boasts nodules and ripples in all the right places. A dipped penile head and thick veinage makes for an aesthetic Vulcan masterpiece.

Presenting in four convenient sizes and a choice of two colours, the giant dildo version is extremely popular.

Spock's Cock looks impressive in beige - but the rainbow fusion version is breathtaking!

Great for anal or vaginal penetration and even better when connected to a compatible sex machine.

See further details at John Thomas Toys  



John Thomas Pee Wee Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 6th January 2023

With a mischievous sense of irony, John Thomas Toys offers Pee Wee , a small sounding dildo in as big a size as you want.

The dong features a stubby shaft with big balls, and is also ideal for anal play.

The not so diminutive dildo is available in 4 sizes from small to extra large. And of course each comes with a range of pleasure ratings: pleasurable, extra pleasurable, extra extra pleasurable , and extra extra extra pleasurable.

This sex toy is not compatible with Vac-U-Lock.

Both light and dark colour schemes are available.

See further details at John Thomas Toys



Updated: John Thomas Pongo Dongo Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 17th December 2022

This beautiful metallic gold, platinum silicone dildo is pure indulgence for him or her.

Pongo Dongo was painstakingly created using cutting edge 3D computer technology, to delivery a treat for all sex toy lovers. The design of this golden shaft captures seven erotic segments which create a wonderful ridge effect which your body will lovingly thank you for. A petite exposed glans head resides at the tip of the shaft waiting to be slipped inside.

Great for both anal and vaginal penetration, Pongo Dongo is available in a 7, 9, 12 and 16 version and a choice of firmness.

This handcrafted toy was made with only the best medical grade platinum silicone and is totally body safe and hypoallergenic.

See further details at John Thomas Toys . Pongo Dongo is also available in black .



John Thomas Oglin Platinum Silicone Dildo...

Sex Toy Reviews

Link Here 28th November 2022

And before you ask, an oglin is a mythical beast that is a cross between an ogre and a goblin. Hopefully this dildo is an anatomically correct depiction of the giant, as the oglin is a legendary performer in the lust department.

This magnificent beast is moulded in beige, and features a ribbed shaft with each ring contributing to the pleasure as it delves deep inside.

The dildo features a vacuum suction pad that is suitable for attachment to standard locking systems such as Vac-U-Lock.

John Thomas Toys recommends that customers take car over dimensions, as premium quality platinum silicone is a heavyweight material that more than does justice to ogre-like cocks

See further details at John Thomas Toys  

Update: Fusion

27th September 2020. See Oglin in fusion black from

The Oglin is now available in a fusion of black, white and grey. John Thomas Toys explains that the dildo is coloured by a hand pouring technique called fusion, as such each dildo is individual, the colouring of each sex toy using this method are aesthetically different & bespoke.

John Thomas Toys ®


100% Medical Grade Platinum Silicone Dildos

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