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News Sunday 26th January...

Adult DVD Empire
Sex Aware
Offsite Article: Silly Society,
Sex Toys Don't Have Age Limits. By Chelsea McCain

News Saturday 25th January...

US News
Offsite Article: O Award winners 2020
US sex toy and pleasure products awards

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.


Sex and Shoppping

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News Friday 24th January...

tor logo
Internet Video
Pornhub launches a Tor mirror site
To protect users against censorship and unwarranted surveillance

News Wednesday 22nd January...

little america poster
Gay News
Apple TV episode banned in 10 Arabic nations and Russia

News Tuesday 21st January...

thai civilized party logo
Updated: Political urges
Thai MP proposes to legalise brothels and sex shops

News Monday 20th January...

pornhub logo
Internet Video
Maybe also chiming with those that view Pornhub with the sound turned down
Hearing impaired fan sues Pornhub demanding the addition of closed captioning
Vermont state seal
A mountain to climb
Vermont bill aims to legalise adult consensual sex work

News Saturday 18th January...

girls do porn logo
Internet Video
Justice served
Girls Do Porn but no longer on
xbiz honors 2020 logo
US News
Offsite Article: XBiz Honors Awards 2020
...And the winners of the pleasure products awards were...

News Thursday 16th January...

pussycash logo
Internet Video
Exposed pussies
Another example about how dangerous it is to provide personal data for age or identity verification related to adult websites

News Wednesday 15th January...

myfreecams logo
Internet Video
Extract: Cam girl reality: an enticing illusion leaves many models poor and defeated
The rise of the virtual girlfriend is changing the porn industry -- but the many downsides for performers may threaten its staying power. By Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

News Sunday 12th January...

elspeth howe
Internet Video
But the idea failed because politicians like her didn't give a damn about the safety of adults
Elspeth Howe threatens a House of Lords private members bill to reactivate the recently cancelled age verification censorship scheme for internet porn

News Friday 10th January...

Poster Primeira Tentao De Cristo 2019 Rodrigo Van Der Put
Gay News
Updated: Not a prayer's chance of forgiving them their trespasses then
Brazilian judge orders injunction to ban gay Jesus comedy on Netflix but this has now been overturned
boston university logo
US News
Pornography is not a public health crisis
Boston University researchers determine that in fact the unfounded political claim could itself cause harm

News Thursday 2nd January...

emmanuel macron
Internet Video
Work longer, pay more fuel tax, get maimed by rubber bullets, and now have your porn blocked
More 'reforms' from Macron as he gives porn websites 6 months to introduce parental control or else legislation will follow

News Monday 30th December...

canada liberal party logo
World P4P
Canada's prime minister promised to review law that endangers sex workers
But now time is now up and there has been no review

News Sunday 29th December...

China flag
World P4P
Safer sex
China is ending the detention of sex workers in prison camps


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