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News Sunday 27th December...

pornhub logo
Offsite Article: How Pornhub's video purge is hurting sex workers
Following the seismic exposure of Pornhub for hosting non-consensual and abusive content, credit card companies have cut ties with the adult site, but creators who rely on the platform have been left in the lurch

News Monday 21st December...

senate logo
US News
Senators propose far reaching anti-pornHub censorship law

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.


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News Friday 18th December...

pam and tommy lee poster
Internet Porn
Softcore drama
The Pamela Anderson ad Tommy Lee sex tape is to be a new internet TV drama.

News Tuesday 15th December...

online harms consultation response
Internet Porn
Harming the internet
The Government outlines its final plans to introduce new and wide ranging internet censorship laws
pornhub logo
Internet Porn
Censorship hubbub
Pornhub takes down the majority of its videos, those from unverified uploaders

News Sunday 13th December...

mastercard logo
Internet Porn
Updated: Best not to trust internet payment companies
They can control where you are allowed to spend your money, and in this case at Pornhub

News Friday 11th December...

ofcom logo
Internet Porn
Harming the internet
Ofcom consults about its plans to tool up for its new roles as the UK internet censor

News Wednesday 9th December...

pornhub logo
Internet Porn
Upping its game
Pornhub responds to criticism and now requires full identification of uploaders

News Tuesday 8th December...

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency logo
An end to denying banking services to the morally incorrect
US financial regulator proposes a new rule to end the policing of morality by denying banking services
diana johnson
Miserable Britain
Diana Johnson MP proposes a another nasty attempt to criminalise men for buying sex

News Sunday 6th December...

pornhub logo
US News
Offsite Article: Miserable Times
The New York Times calls for the censorship of Pornhub

News Friday 4th December...

pornhub logo
Internet Porn
Offsite Article: The third annual Pornhub Awards nominees
The Pornhub Awards will take place on December 15, 2020

News Thursday 3rd December...

Adult Material DVD
US News
Adult Material on HBO
Channel 4 drama set in the world of porn production has been sold to HBO Max

News Sunday 29th November...

house of lords red logo
Internet Porn
Shared video censorship
House of Lords approves adoption of the EU's internet video sharing censorship laws into post Brexit UK law

News Thursday 26th November...

pornhub warning utah
US News
Warning: Porn can be harmful if viewed by Utah moralists
PornHub and other tube websites add trigger warning about porn as required by Utah law

News Wednesday 25th November...

honey body massage
World P4P
Offsite Article: Even covid advice for frequent hand washing doesn't help
The coronavirus pandemic has washed away Pattaya's soapy massage parlours


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