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No News Tuesday 31st January...

News Wednesday 25th January...

joyclub poster
UK News
ASA, a sex-negative community for a life of misery and censorship
Miserable advert censors offended by JoyClub poster

Sex Sells News

Sex News

Watching censors, regulators and moralists, who seek to unnecessarily deprive their fellow man of sexual entertainment.


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News Sunday 22nd January...

Arkansas state seal
Internet Video
Only OnlyFans and Pornhub
So how is porn age verification panning out in the US?
Australia flag
Bankers screwing sex workers
Moralist banks in Australia close accounts of businesses they don't like

News Wednesday 18th January...

asian ladyboy
Unequal breasts
Facebook ordered to allow images showing trans female breasts whilst still banning natural female breasts

News Sunday 15th January...

Ofcom logo
Internet Video
Sharing censorship news
Ofcom warns adult video sharing websites that are stupid enough to be based in Britain that it will soon be enforcing age/identity verification
de Cassation
Internet Video
Legal age restrictions
Porn sites in France suffer setbacks after losing court cases

News Thursday 12th January...

stop sesta
Offsite Article: How a war on porn is endangering US sex workers
Anti-sex-trafficking organisations are imposing their extreme religious views on all Americans

News Sunday 8th January...

Taiwan flag
Internet Video
Fake law
Taiwan is drafting a law to criminalise fake porn

News Tuesday 3rd January...

Internet Video
The Online Safety and Media Regulation Act 202
A brief summary of Ireland's Internet Censorship Act
visa card logo
Bankers take control
Adult companies using Visa payment services need to follow additional rules to maintain proof of consent for adult performers

News Saturday 31st December...

Louisiana State Seal
Internet Video
Citizen censors
Louisiana now requires age verification for porn on the pain of being sued by residents for 'harm'caused


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