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News Monday 22nd July...

Nutter Watch peace tv urdu logo
Peace sanctions
Ofcom report several serious code breaches on the religious Peace TV channel for hate speech, abusive treatment and offence

News Friday 19th July...

Nutter Watch PC News Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Warning! Harmful Trigger Warnings
Trigger warnings do more harm than good. A growing body of evidence says they are damaging to education and mental health. By Matthew Lesh

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I always see nutters as those who feel that their moral ideas should be inflicted on others. They usually mean well, but unfortunately their morality is based on nonsense, and this is reflected in the validity of their ideas.

Most of the time their ranting isn't taken too seriously and it is ignored by everyone but themselves.

Just occasionally they strike a chord with the blame society and we end up with nutter inspired legislation


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News Saturday 13th July...

Nutter Watch PC News Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The press must be free to criticise Islam
The Muslim Council of Britain's new report on the media is highly questionable.

News Thursday 11th July...

Nutter Watch jesus shepherd
Twitter bans the clergy from tweeting about their flock
Twitter has updated its rules and will now ban tweets dehumanising religious groups to animals

News Sunday 7th July...

Nutter Watch PC News laetitia avia
Updated: In a strange parallel universe across the channel
France proposes draconian law with extreme punishments for politically incorrect insults posted on social media

News Thursday 4th July...

Nutter Watch PC News carry on uo the jungle
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: 'Carry On Films weren't ALL bad'
The Guardian's high priestesses of PC sit in judgement of the Carry On Films

News Sunday 30th June...

Nutter Watch PC News heresy radio 4
Updated: Corrosive PC
Interesting BBC developments as it reconsiders its position after originally laughing off Jo Brand joking that Nigel Farage was more deserving of battery acid than milkshake

News Saturday 22nd June...

Nutter Watch PC News Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes DVD
Korean missile joke proves a damp squib
Jimmy Carr accused of racism for a straight forward joke but it is hard to see why
Nutter Watch PC News ASA logo
Commented: A harmful and offensive attack on free speech
ASA starts enforcing its new PC rule to censor gender stereotypes that it does not like

News Friday 21st June...

Nutter Watch Nutter Watch US good omens poster
Updated: Out of order
Moralist campaigners call on Netflix to ban the Amazon Prime TV series Good Omens


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