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News Wednesday 26th August...

Kuwait flag
Middle East
Updated: A new chapter in book censorship
Kuwait ends pre-publication book vetting by censors

News Monday 24th August...

famalam countdown video
Countdown to offence
Jamaican officials complain about a clip for an upcoming Countdown skit on the BBC comedy programme Famalam


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News of censors, censorship and press freedom from around the world.

News Friday 21st August...

union soldier statue
US News
Is it censorship to take down a censorship covering
Colorado 'artist' claims that covering up a Union Civil War statue was an 'artwork'

News Thursday 20th August...

Hong Kong flag
Asia Pacific
Getting to the children
Hong Kong school text books are downgraded from liberal studies to 'patriotic' studies

News Wednesday 19th August...

eff logo
West Europe
Implementing internet censorship under the EU Copyright Directive
The EFF comments on Germany's proposed implementation and notes that the proposal shows creativity but does not go far enough

News Tuesday 18th August...

Poster Trouble With Being Born 2020 Sandra Wollner
The Trouble with Being Born
Is that you have to put with censors like those from the Melbourne International Film Festival

News Friday 14th August...

GIFCT logo
Offsite Article: Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism
How social media companies coordinate the rapid take downs of terrorist videos

News Thursday 13th August...

Daddy in My Pocket (Comic Edition 2 Picking Up A Charizard) (Chinese Edition) by
Asia Pacific
Offsite Article: Popular Children's Books Purged as 'Inappropriate'
Across China, bestsellers are being removed from shelves as part of the campaign against wrong think children's books

News Wednesday 12th August...

no game no life
Dangerous drawings
Australian book censors ban manga from the No Game, No Life series

News Monday 10th August...

google logo
East Europe
Uncensored news
Russia fines Google for not following local censorship orders







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 China   State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
 Germany   Video & Game Censorship
 Hong Kong   Home of Category III
 India   CBFC Central Board of Film Certification
 Ireland   IFCO Irish Film Classification Office
 Italy   Film Censorship Committee
 Japan   Eiga Rinri Iinkai Film Classification & Rating Committee
 Malta   Board of Film and Stage Classification
 NewZealand   OFLC Office of Film & Literature Classification
 Pakistan   CBFC Central Board of Film Certification
 Singapore   MDA Media Development Authority
 SouthAfrica   FPB Film and Publications Board
 Thailand   Ministry of Culture
 UAE   NMC National Media Council
 USA   ESRB Entertainment Software Ratings Board
 USA   MPAA  Motion Picture Association of America

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