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No News Thursday 16th April...

News Monday 13th April...

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Nintendo Switch Standard Edition
Asia Pacific
Socially distanced protests
China bans Animal Crossing game after it was used for messages supporting Hong Kong democracy protests


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News Sunday 12th April...

OFLC New Zealand logo
Asia Pacific
Offsite Article: Violence, gore, porn and boredom
A day in the life of a New Zealand censor during lockdown

News Friday 10th April...

google news logo
West Europe
Offsite Article: Opening gambit
France reports that its implementation of the EU Copyright Directive requires Google to pay for links to French news sources

News Thursday 9th April...

pornhub logo
South Asia
Keeping people happy during lockdown
India has quietly unblocked Pornhub

News Wednesday 8th April...

cero logo
Asia Pacific
Japanese game censors don't seem to be able to work from home as the censorship office is closed by lockdown

News Thursday 2nd April...

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
East Europe
Sensitivities over Russian baddies
Sony refuse to allow Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered to be sold for PlayStation in Russia

News Wednesday 1st April...

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MPAA Weekly
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