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No News Tuesday 19th November...

News Monday 18th November...

EU News West Europe Wolfenstein 3D
Museum of Censorship
Wolfenstein 3D is unbanned in Germany after 27 years when a court accepted that video games are an art form and can so claim exemption from a law banning Nazi symbology


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News Sunday 17th November...

BBFC News BBFC Daily Poster 21 Years Quentin Tarantino 2019 Tara Wood
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Brightburn, The Courier, Eating Raoul

News Saturday 16th November...

BBFC News BBFC Daily Poster Sangathamizhan 2019 Vijay Chandar
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
The Hidden

News Friday 15th November...

BBFC News BBFC Daily fiddler poster
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Annabelle Comes Home, The Curse of La Llorona
Africa News Africa News rosa ree vitamin u video
Too sexy for Tanzania
Censors ban Rosa Ree from performing after sexy music video
World News Asia Pacific pornhub logo
Hardcore propaganda
After being censored by YouTube Chinese mainlanders take to Pornhub to distribute videos criticising the Hong Kong protesters

News Thursday 14th November...

BBFC News BBFC Daily Poster Harriet 2019 Kasi Lemmons
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions

News Wednesday 13th November...

MPAA MPAA Weekly Poster Corrupted 2019 Ron Scalpello
Weekly US Ratings from the MPAA
Latest ratings
BBFC News BBFC Daily the amber light poster
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
South Asia South Asia Poster Ford V Ferrari 2019 James Mangold
Indian film censors cut Ford v Ferrari
South Asia South Asia nepal parliament logo
Entirely foreseen consequences
A year on from a Nepal government porn ban it has little effect beyond an increase in reported rapes

News Wednesday 13th November...

World News East Europe russia duma logo
Pre-installed government apps
Russia's lawmakers dream up the next chapter of nastiness for internet users
EU News West Europe EU flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: These new GDPR rules were meant to protect our privacy. They don't work
Imagine if ITV had to offer an option to let viewers opt out of adverts whilst continuing to watch for free. There would soon be no ITV. Yet the EU cloud cuckoolanders are trying to force the internet to offer that same option

News Tuesday 12th November...

World News Asia Pacific South Korea flag
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Of indeterminate age
South Korea court rules explicit anime and manga drawings are images of child sex abuse

News Monday 11th November...

Australia News Aussie News NordVPN
'It's for your own good'
Australia's internet censor warns gamblers to withdraw their funds from foreign gambling websites that are just about to be blocked

News Saturday 9th November...

EU News West Europe European Court of Justice
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The EU: a menace to internet freedom
Two recent ECJ rulings have serious global consequences for internet freedom. By Andrew Tettenborn






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