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Fucking Machines

Sex Machies

Sex Machines specialises in sex machines, everything from handheld masturbators right up to top of the range fucking machines. At the more familiar end of the range, there are Fleshlights, Fleshjacks and Magic Wands. And at the more unique end of the range, well!... we'll get on to those later.

All the devices and plenty of accessories are available from the online store along with lubes and essentials.

As of 2021 has expanded its repertoire into BDSM and E-Stim (Electrical Stimulation).

The website is well laid and easy to navigate with the list of of categories listed on the traditional right hand side. Selecting the categories leads to a wealth of information about the available machines. Of course plenty of information is required, as many of the machines are not familiar products, even for this regular reviewer of online sex shops. 

In addition to website contact, there is a telephone order line, available internationally. Payments and billing is secure and discreet. UK delivery is free, and there are options for next day delivery.

Worldwide delivery is available to nearly every part of the globe.

Sex Machines Blog

Your Guide To Erotic E Stim
Your Guide To Erotic E Stim

Sex Machines blog Prostate Orgasm
Prostate Orgasm Guide & Safety Tips

sex machines blog g spot
G Spot Stimulation, Gushing & Squirting website

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The latest Sex Machines articles


F*ck Box Love Machine...

A new arrival at

Link Here15th June 2021

This Machine was released in 2015. The F*ck box love machine comes in a stylish lockable box for discreet travelling and storage!

The F*ck box love machine uses the brilliant Vac-U-Locksystem which means it's quick and easy to change attachments and there are endless dildo and anal toys that can be used with it. It offers almost up to 200 thrusts per minute and can be used on any flat surface, vaginally or anally and in any position you can think of. It can also be used with a Vac-u-loc double penetration system for double the fun!

The F*ck box love machine has a speed controller that can be used as a powerful vibrator which just adds to the pleasure!

No batteries are needed for the F*ck box love machine and it comes with a 9ft power cord, it is CE/ROHS certified and has a 1 year warranty, it is made from corrosion resistant steel and has a stroke length of 3.5 inches.

This is the perfect sex machine for discreet use and has ample storage for all your dildos and toys. The compact power machine offer hours of great climaxes!

See further details about F*ck box love machine from



Compass Love Machine...

The latest creation from Diva the number one sex manufacturer since 1973.

Link Here8th June 2021

The Compass Love Machine uses the popular and easy to use Vac-u-Lock system, it has a hand held corded controller which can also double up as a high powered vibrator, 5 adjustable angles for added pleasure and an adjustable 1 inch to 6.5 inch stroke length which makes the compass love machine the perfect all round sex machine !

The Vac-U-Locksystem makes it quick and easy to fit your desired attachment on to this machine, changing dildos in seconds.

With up to 200 thrusts per minute and an adjustable 6.5 inch stroke're sure to find the perfect speed & depth of penetration that'll make you explode with excitement. With the adjustable angles ranging up to 45 degrees giving you as many positions as you can think of!

The Compass Love Machine can be used vaginally or anally and the vibrator gives you the choice of clitoral, nipple and anal stimulation for the wildest climax you've ever had!

The wide rubber feet protect your surfaces and give amazing stability while using the Compass Love machine.    

The Compass Love Machine delivers amazing quality, versatility and performance at an equally amazing price! Add this Sex machine to your collection and you will enjoy hours of new exciting positions and sensations!

See further details about Compass Love Machine from



The Bondage Love Machine...

Sex machine reviews

Link Here 31st May 2021

The Bondage Love Machine offers incredible power, performance, flexibility and adjustable angles at an affordable price. It is compatible with the Vac-U-Lock system and the hand held (corded) speed controller can also work as a high powered vibrator. The Bondage Love Machine is a sex machine designed to make all your bedroom fantasies come true, with up to 225 thrusts per minute and a 7 inch (17cm) stroke length you're sure to find the most satisfying combination of speed and depth to suit your most hidden desires.

This quality sex machine has adjustable front and rear legs to help obtain the perfect angle without compromising the machine's stability. The fucking machine is ideal for a quiet night in by yourself or a fun evening with your partner. There are an endless number of positions and with your imagination you can conjure the ultimate experience that will provide years of fun and sexual satisfaction. The specially designed lightweight anti-corrosive design folds almost flat for easy storage. The Bondage Love Machine has an extremely quiet but powerful motor and the stroking rod comes with two exciting attachments that have adjustable angles for even more pleasure.

The Bondage Love Machine allows the user to rest their stomach or chest on the extremely comfortable and fully adjustable cushioned platform. This sex machine is not only adjustable in height but also in distance from the rod which ensures the exact depth required to create the most fulfilling satisfaction. The electronic vibrator enables you to enjoy clitoral, anal and nipple stimulation simultaneously, this fucking machine also comes with ergonomically placed rings for bondage gear connections. The Bondage Love Machine comes with a one year worldwide warranty it is CE certified and ROHS compliant. 

See further details about the The Bondage Love Machine from




My Pleasurer Love Machine...

aka Versa Fuk Love Machine Review

Link Here18th May 2021

One of the most versatile sex machines on the market at an amazingly low introductory price; so please buy soon to avoid disappointment. This fucking machine will fulfil all your requirements and is suitable for female, male heterosexual and gay use. The My Pleasurer Love Machine is best purchased through us as we are an official worldwide stockist and you are ensured an original product. The sex machine is manufactured by Diva who make the 2012 best selling fucking machine the Diva Tool Box Lover.

Where the My Pleasurer Love Machine leaves the competition standing is in its versatility. The patented E-Z ergonomical twist knob system allows the user to adjust the unit to the angle of ultimate pleasure; uniquely the sex machine can be set up to work horizontally or vertically, allowing the user to move from the missionary style to doggy fuck quickly and easily. Unlike many machines the My Pleasurer Love Machine has adjustable front and rear legs, adoption of the perfect position has never been so easily obtainable.

The machine is discretely quiet and smooth running but also powerful and can thrust from 100 to 300 thrusts per minute, the remote control will always be at hand to adjust the thrust of penetration to your desired level. We provide a free extension rod which will provide an additional 8 " (20cm) between machine and user for those requiring a less intimidating fucking machine experience.

Thanks to Doc Johnson and their Vac-U-Lock system there has never been a better way to enjoy the sex machine experience. Fully compatible with the Vac-U-Lock range of attachments the My Pleasurer Love Machine can fuck as though it is your girlfriend, your boyfriend or your gay lover. Don't forget that sex machines are now being bought by men for heterosexual use, there are plenty of male masturbating devices in the form of a pussy, anus, hand or mouth that can be used with this fucking machine. There are also more heterosexual men finding pleasure in receiving anal penetration, an anal probe can provide a new sexual experience for the straight guy.

See further details about My Pleasurer Love Machine



Love Rider Sex Machine...

Also known as the Love Glider

Link Here2nd May 2021
The Love Rider is sometimes known as The Love Glider and is a high quality machine replicating the expensive Monkey Rocker. If you have money to burn buy the Monkey Rocker but if you want a sex machine that does exactly the same and is built to CE/EU standards then save a fortune and buy the Love Rider.

Unlike many fucking machines the Love Rider uses no electricity and there is no complicated set up required. The sex machine is powered by the user's own body movement and this makes the user in control of their pleasure. Most sex machines do the pounding, similar to a man fucking away at his speed, whereas the Love Rider simulates the action of the woman sitting on the man and moving in a way that she wants thus providing her with an orgasm when she is ready - total control.

A huge advantage of the Love Rider is the compatibility with Doc Johnson's Vac-U-Locksystem. There are numerous types of penetrating aids available from Doc Johnson, ensuring the user of a quality sex toy to use with the Love Rider sex machine. To get you going the Love Rider comes with its own pair of 6.5 (16cm) toys, a dildo and a tapered dildo for anal pleasure.





Sex Machines Blog...

G Spot Stimulation, Gushing and Squirting!

Link Here19th April 2021

Do you truly understand the world of G spot stimulation?

The G-spot is quite a controversial topic of conversation. Named after a German gynaecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg , this elusive part of the female anatomy has had people questioning it for decades. Does it even exist? If you were to ask a medical professional, many of them would say that it doesn't. It may not be a place you can identify with the naked eye, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I believe the G-spot is a real erogenous zone, capable of delivering extreme pleasure. Why do I think that? Because I have one, and boy oh boy does it feel good!

Where can I find it?

Finding the G-spot is actually really straightforward. Exploring inside the vagina with lubed-up fingers, you'll usually find it about 2 to 3 inches up on the interior wall, towards the belly button. When fully aroused, the area will enlarge to the size of about a 10p coin, and will feel slightly different to the surrounding tissue. You'll know you're in the right spot when you can rub the area and experience a strange or different sensation to that of the rest of the vaginal canal.


Do all women enjoy G spot stimulation?

As with most sexual practices, not everyone likes the same thing, and so some women gain no real enjoyment from stimulation in this area. Many women though, just haven't explored the possibilities of G spot stimulation enough to realise its potential. It's not an area that you touch and immediately find that you're screaming, "OMG this feels amazing". It takes patience and perseverance to get real pleasure from the G-spot, as it often requires firm and fast pressure to allow an orgasm to build. Even if you can't directly orgasm from G spot stimulation, it is undeniable that you're increasing the blood flow to the area, which will heighten arousal and make everything feel much better below the belt. It's my belief that the G spot is actually directly linked to the clitoris; maybe it's where all of those lovely nerve endings originate? Imagine leaving all o f that pleasure potential untouched? It would be such a waste!


Orgasms and squirting

Orgasms are highly personal moments of magic. What works for me won't necessarily work for you, and vice versa. A G-spot orgasm is certainly different to a clitoral orgasm, and in my opinion they are definitely worth the effort. If you master the art of a combined orgasm, congratulations! You've unlocked a whole new level of pleasure! Rabbit vibrators are a fantastic way for many women to enjoy

clitoral and G spot stimulation simultaneously. The firm and unyielding shaft delivers the pressure needed, and the vibrations are a welcome added bonus! Some will work better than others; it's just about finding one that fits your internal anatomy perfectly. Many believe G-spot stimulation is the key to being able to squirt. First-time squirters are often surprised when hard and prolonged action on the G-spot causes the urgent sensation of needing to pee, followed by a monumental gush of sexual fluid.

Positions please!

There are some positions that are generally better for G-spot fun, such as doggy or reverse cowgirl, but because everyone's anatomy is slightly different, you'll most likely have to experiment to find how best to hit your sweet spot. The length of the penis, fingers or toy that you're using, as well as the exact position and depth of the G spot will all factor in to what works best for you. Simply using a pillow to adjust the hips and alter the angle of penetration can make a huge difference.

One thing is for certain, it's a whole heap of fun trying new things and exploring the body and what it can do. Dive in, enjoy the process and you never know, you might just hit the spot!

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