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Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine The Rodeo Ejaculating sex machine is the perfect machine for people with a lack of storage; it can be stored easily in a wardrobe or cupboard and is very discreet.

The The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine offers the feeling of being hard fucked, but you can also get the sensation of orgasm as the included dildos have the ability to "cum" all over you. With a range of 7 speeds between 50 and 350 strokes a minute when you are ready for climax simply press the button on the cordless remote control and feel the rodeo cum inside you!

This is ideal for anyone that wants hands free pleasure or wants to give their partner the power to control their orgasms from across the room, the Rodeo Ejaculating sex machine comes with two dildos, one life like cock with veins and one rabbit style dildo with extra nubs for added pleasure.

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15th April

The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine...

The ride of your life
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Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine is made by OR the world's leading sex machine manufacturer. This fucking machine presses all the right buttons for those seeking a real life sex experience. Firstly, you are guaranteed the ride of your life; simply screw in one of the two dildos then plug it in to the mains and you are ready to mount the machine and enjoy the fuck of your life.

The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex machine can thrust away at a low 50 thrusts per minute and can increase to a mind-blowing top fucking speed of 350 thrusts per minute; making the Rodeo capable of satisfying those requiring a slow gentle screw right up to those wanting to be fucked rough and hard. There are plenty of women who enjoy the messy side of sex and with the Rodeo Ejaculating Sex machine you can make it shoot its load whenever and wherever you desire.

The clever remote control has four buttons, A and B select higher and lower thrust speeds and button C is the climax button, just hit this button when you want the Rodeo to spunk, button D is an on off button. The two supplied dildos are a 5.5" (14cm) rabbit style and a 5.25" (13cm) realistic cock with lifelike veins and cock head, watching this cum is a pleasure of its own.

The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine is ideal for both anal and vaginal sex and provides a 2.5" (6cm) stroke length add this to the 5.5" (14cm) dildo and you can get up to 8" (20cm) of deep penetration. An injector syringe is included so you can insert your favourite liquid for the machine to ejaculate; we supply two free bottles of slide lubricant which you can use as the fucking machines' cum or make your own sticky treat. The machine is very compact 8" (20cm) high, 7.5" (19cm) wide and 12" (30cm) long, just the size to hide away discretely.

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