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Sex Machine Reviews

Link Here 1st April 2015

sex machines versa cock The Versa Cock is a very beginner friendly fucking machine as it is small, quiet and very discreet with no mechanics showing. The whole machine is encased in a box which is covered in carpet which also helps to keep the motor noise to a minimum; the Versa Cock can be used in the missionary position or if placed on its side can be used for doggy style. With a speed setting of 0-200 strokes per minute and lengths of 1 -6 inches this machine can offer you many options. The Versa Cock is also compatible with the Vac-U-Lock dildo system which offers a vast choice of attachments.

The Versa Cock comes with the option of an adjustable stand which gives it unlimited angle adjustments. The stand not only provides height adjustment it also allows the machine to pivot upwards and downwards. The Versa is the perfect sex machine for anyone looking for an easy to store fucking machine which hides the unattractive looking framework and motor.

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