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Sex Machine Reviews

Link Here 14th September 2015

sex machines deuce The Deuce is the sex machine for wild double penetration play, with two fully independent, full featured sex machines packed inside. Each arm offers up to 250 strokes a min and a length of up to 5 inches with the ability to rapidly pound both holes at once or provide slow and steady action to one or both, the Deuce is a sensation sex factory!

The non-descript grey carpeted case is discreet, rock solid and holds well on most surfaces making the Deuce a very stable and versatile fucking machines . The Deuce is very quiet, as the box and carpet do an amazing job of muting the small amount of noise produced by the mechanics and make it very easy to store and transport from place to place, the 12ft power cord and 10ft control cable give you plenty options when using The Deuce.

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