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Offsite Article: California's war on internet freedom...

Link Here19th September 2022
Full story: Internet Censorship in US...Left leaning media companies cancel the right
New state laws claiming to protect children will infantilise us all. By Norman Lewis

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Safer Messenger...

Testing End-to-End Encrypted Backups on Messenger

Link Here15th August 2022
Full story: Facebook Privacy...Facebook criticised for discouraging privacy
Meta writes:
  • We're testing secure storage on Messenger, a new feature that allows you to back up your end-to-end encrypted chats.

  • We're also starting a test of automatic end-to-end encrypted chat threads on Messenger and expanding other features.

People want to trust that their online conversations with friends and family are private and secure. We're working hard to protect your personal messages and calls with end-to-end encryption by default on Messenger and Instagram. Today, we're announcing our plans to test a new secure storage feature for backups of your end-to-end encrypted chats on Messenger, and more updates and tests to deliver the best experience on Messenger and Instagram.

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Phones tapped...

Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom to snoop on customers' browsing history and sell it to advertisers

Link Here27th July 2022
Vodafone & Deutsche Telekom recently started trials with Trustpid to reintroduce persistent user tracking of their internet browsing with view to selling browsing history to advertisers.

Although Vodafone claims there is nothing to worry about, privacy officials are especially concerned about the recent involvement of network operators. Privacy advocates call it the return of the Super Cookie. This would be a massive step backward in creating an independent web where the privacy of internet users is respected.

With TrustPid, Vodafone assigns a fixed ID to a user based on someone's phone number. Website operators would then be able to call up this identifier to exactly see what websites this user has visited and create a profile to display targeted ads.

Recent privacy laws are currently challenging Google and Apple's current solutions for selling users' browser history to advertising. Many web browsers block third-party cookies, and even Google Chrome is phasing out third-party cookies next year. Apple is cracking down on user tracking, costing Facebook billions in revenue.

It has become more challenging to monetize customer data, so the advertising market is looking for new solutions to tap into. They do not want to go back to non-personalized advertising, so they are pushing the frontier to see what's still possible. The Trustpid trial is an example of this.

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A date with ID verification...

Dating app Tinder confirms plans to introduce voluntary ID verification

Link Here18th August 2021
Dating app Tinder has confirmed plans to introduce ID verification for its users around the world.

The firm said it would begin by making the process voluntary, except where mandated by law, and would take into account expert recommendations and what documents are most appropriate in each country.

It could come into force by the end of the year.

Critics of the idea have argued it could leave whistleblowers exposed, particularly in authoritarian states, and restrict access to online services in countries where ID documents are not commonplace among the entire population.

Tracey Breeden, vice president of safety and social advocacy at Tinder's parent firm, Match Group, said feedback from experts and users would be a vital part of its approach in helping ease such fears:

We know that in many parts of the world and within traditionally marginalised communities, people might have compelling reasons that they can't or don't want to share their real-world identity with an online platform, she said.

Creating a truly equitable solution for ID verification is a challenging but critical safety project and we are looking to our communities as well as experts to help inform our approach.

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