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Like Russian Dolls We Nest in Previous Selves...

Art exhibition censored in Kuwait

Link Here28th February 2020
It came as little surprise to Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin that her latest exhibition was shut down by the authorities just a week after it opened. Her work has always sparked controversy.

Amin's most recent defiant display, Like Russian Dolls We Nest in Previous Selves , opened on 8 January. It was planned to run for a month at the Contemporary Art Platform (CAP). But a week after opening, the exhibition was dramatically shut down and her work ordered to be removed.

Though authorities released no official statement , the gallery said they were told they hadn't obtained a prior licence from the concerned authorities and that there were claims that the exhibition contained elements in violation of the publishing law of the Ministry of Information.

In Like Russian Dolls We Nest in Previous Selves , a set of portraits show women sitting on thrones, some in revealing clothing and languid poses with bottles of what appears to be alcohol.

In the main gallery space, mannequins were positioned to look like visitors viewing the artwork. In a country where alcohol is illegal, the bottles might be controversial enough. But the conservatively veiled mannequins looking at the portraits of the scantily clad women may also have provoked debate.



Offsite Article: An artist's too spicy video that has censored the city of San Antonio...

Link Here 27th February 2020
Artists and curators describe the city's decision to remove Xandra Ibarra's video as an attack on the First Amendment.

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Offsite Article: Art and Creative Acts That Were Censored in 2019...

Link Here 9th January 2020
Freedom of speech and creativity continued to face acute threats in 2019, but artists and curators continue to be at the forefront of the dangerous but necessary work of driving social change.

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Offsite Article: Outrageous art...

Link Here21st December 2019
An anonymous artist has been generating a little outrage in Rome and London

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