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Talk of the Town

Napier Street

News 2011

Cambridge's last strip venue closed in 2011 due to onerous restrictions by the council.


The Bing

Dover Street

News July 2013

The sex entertainment licence has been approved

News March 2013

There are plans to convert the Farmhouse Club to the Bing table dancing bar


Fantasy Lounge

95 St Mary street
CF10 1DX

Mon, Wed: 8pm - 4am
Tues, Thu: 10pm - 4am
Fri, Sat: 8pm - 6am

Listing checked August 2018.


fantasy lounge cardiff logo


For Your Eyes Only

5-9 Church Street
CF10 1BG

Tuesday: 9pm - 4am
Thursday: 8pm - 4am
Friday, Saturday:  8pm - 6am

Listing checked in January 2020.

News form For Your Eyes Only, August 2018: Moving

FYEO Cardiff moved venue in 2018.


Playhouse Gentlemen's Club

32 Saint Mary Street

Tues: 8pm - 4am
Wed: 10pm - 4am
Thurs: 8pm - 4am
Fri: 9pm - 6am
Sat: 7pm -6am
Sun: 8pm - 4am

Listing checked August 2018.


PC Lounge


News, March 2019: Application

Mansion Investments Limited is seeking permission to open the sexual entertainment venue, known as the PC Lounge, on Botchergate, in the heart of the city.

The city council has received 16 objections from residents, church leaders and community groups.



8 Englishgate Plaza

Thurs: 9pm - 3am
Fri-Sat: 9pm -4am

Listing checked in August 2018

Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire Council


central bedfordshire council logo

News October 2013: Morality Zone

Central Bedfordshire Council has banned table dancing and sex cinemas by imposing a 500m exclusion zone around most buildings including residential areas. Sex shops have been excluded from the restrictions.


The Cave

51 Viaduct Road

Thu-Sat: 8pm - 2am

Lap dancing club established since 2004

The owner noted in 2016 that The Cave does not have private booths and objected to a competitor who proposed private booths.


Unnamed club above CTZN bar


News December 2016

Strip club owners wanting to open a new venue in the middle of Chelmsford face an uphill battle after objections from Essex Police over a highly controversial rule to allow touching.

Wizard Sleeve plans to open a strip club over two floors above CTZN bar, which would feature a large table stage and a collection of private booths and VIP rooms.

Essex Police say they are opposed to the company wanting to relax Chelmsford City Council's strict no touching condition that stipulates there shall be no physical contact between the customer and the performer during the performance or after the performance .

The club had proposed that 'a shake of hands should be acceptable at the end of the dance.


Cheltenham Borough Council


cheltenham borough council logo 

News August 2020: Festival of lap dancing

Cheltenham Council has decided to continue to allow pop up lap dancing venues that appear around major horse racing meetings.

The council dismissed the calls by moralist groups but did add a new law requiring clubs to check ID for customers looking less that 25 years old.

News October 2014: Policy agreed

Cheltenham Borough Council debated for more than three and a half hours whether or not to completely prohibit the clubs. The total ban was defeated in a ballot by 19 votes to 18. Councillors then voted by 25 votes to 9 in favour of allowing the clubs in the town centre but not in residential areas.

News April 2014: Consultation

Cheltenham Borough Council has launched a 12 week period of public consultation in a bid to gauge opinion on the prospect of setting a limit on the number of the venues in the town. This could include the option to totally ban the clubs


Blue Room


Closed. Was licensed back in 2013.


Club Covert

Bath Street

A licence has been granted a temporary licence to host lap dancing events during the Cheltenham Festival in mid March 2020. The venue has asked for the same for 2021.


Fantasy Gentlemen's Club

3 Strand Court
Bath Road
GL53 7LW

Cheltenham Festival (horse racing) week only, 8:30pm - 4am


fantasy cheltenham logo

News March 2018: On the occasion of Cheltenham races

The club opened for business after the first day's racing as occasional opening is allowed without a licence.

News February 2017: Fillies banned from Cheltenham

An application for sexual entertainment venue licence at the Fantasy Club, 12-14 Bath Road was rejected.

About 20 objections were lodged against lap dancing club plan. The licensing committee voted 3-1 to refuse the application on the grounds that the premises were in a supposedly inappropriate location.

The committee heard objections from an opposition alliance made up of Councillor Flo Lucas, St Paul's Residents' Association Chair Tess Beck and Lesley Painter of local feminist group, Chelt Fems. Painter argued that Cheltenham Borough Council should follow in the steps of high-profile international organisations such as Formula 1, who axed scantily clad grid girls from their events last year.

This is the first time in three year's that the The Fantasy Club has been refused a licence. The club was granted a licence for lap dancing in 2017 and 2016.

News February 2015: Licence renewed

Fantasy Gentlemen's Club has been given permission to continue running for another year.

More than 25 people wrote in to Cheltenham Borough Council with their objections, claiming the location was inappropriate and it detracted from the character and appeal of the local area.

But the applicants said the club has run for a year with little or no trouble. Gloucestershire Constabulary said it had no incidents to report.

News January 2015: Battle Lines

Fantasy has applied for a licence renewal and a couple of miserable campaigners have intimated that they would consider another campaign against the club.

News June 2014: Fantasy

The venue previously intended to be Blue Diamond has now been sold to new owners. The bar will now open as Fantasy Gentlemen's Club and will open on 19th June 2014. It is associated with Fantasy Club in Swindon.

News February 2014: Licence approved

The council approved the licence. There were 200 letters of opposition but mostly on unallowed moralist grounds.

News January 2014: New Application

Local residents are inevitably aghast that anyone has dared to propose a table dancing club in Cheltenham

Campaigners say it would not be an appropriate venue, it would be immoral, and they fear for the safety of women passing by late at night.


The 2 Pigs Pub

Lower High Street

The venue is a part time operation restricted to the days around the town's major horse racing meetings.


2 pigs cheltenham logo

News November: Licence renewed

The council had received a lot of objections to the pub's annual licence renewal, many of which are not very credible. The council overruled the objections but did specify that lap dancing should not commence before 8pm due t the proximity of children's library that opens until 7pm.

The venue had applied to open as follows:

  • Festival Trails Day - January 25, 2020, to January 26, 2020, from 8pm to 5am
  • The Festival - March 9, 2020, to March 15, 2020, from 8pm to 5am
  • The April Meeting - April 15, 2020, to April 17, 2020, from 8pm to 5am
  • The Show Case - "Dates TBC", from 8pm to 5am
  • The November Meeting - "Dates TBC", from 8pm to 5am
  • The International - "Dates TBC", from 8pm to 5am
  • New Year's Day - January 1, 2021, to January 2, 2021, from 8pm to 5am

News July 2019: More meetings

The 2 Pigs pub holds lap dancing events during the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival in March. It applied to the council to offer similar events at other key horse racing meetings in October, November and December and the council duly agreed.

News January 2017: Application

A company runs occasional lap dancing events to coincide with race days. At the moment the company already runs such events spread across 5 venues, presumably to qualify for the 11 events a year allowed without a sex entertainment licence. The company would now to like to rationalise this to one licensed venue, the 2 Pigs Pub, and so have submitted a licence application to Cheltenham Council.

50 residents have submitted an objection whinging about morality and location. The police have chipped in a list of 30, now doubt repressive, licence conditions.


Platinum Lounge

Bridge Street Row


platinum lounge chester logo

News July 2015: Chester Tutters

Chester's only strip club has been closed down by moralists on Chester's Council. Arbitrary reasons were quoted for the refusal to renew the licence for Platinum Lounge in the city centre.

Chester and Cheshire West Council's planning committee claimed it was no longer appropriate for Platinum Lounge to continue. The committee noted the venue was close to family friendly premises, such as BARS??? and restaurants, as well as residential accommodation. They also noted that the presence of a strip club does nothing to enhance Chester's family friendly tourist offering , the Dewa Roman Experience.

The venue later became a Breakout centre.




News, January 2015: Closed

The club has been closed for some months but retains a sexual entertainment licence. Presumably to provide a more attractive proposition for potential buyers.


Solo Summers

Balkerne Hill

News, May 2020: Application

The Solo Summers concept is made up of varied events some that do not require sexual entertainment venue licencing. However Batchelor and Bachelorette nights are events that require a sexual entertainment venue licence are actually made up of both male and female dancers.

The venue has applied for a sex entertainment license but is being opposed by feminists on morality grounds.



St Botolphs Street

Previously Heaven. Became Climax in mid 2013.

News April 2021: Closed

Many industries will have difficulty recovering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic - and the adult entertainment industry is no exception.

Colchester's strip club Climax recently went into liquidation leaving about ten erotic dancers unemployed.

News June 2013: Climax

...And the new name is Climax.

News May 2013: New Hands

It looks likely that Heaven is set to be sold. An application has been made to the council for a licence under a new name.


Red Velvet

Front Street

The club was closed in February 2013 when the club's drinks licence was revoked after a police drugs raid. The bar re-opened as a standard nightclub in July 2014.


Club Heat

7 City Arcade

Tue-Sat: From 9pm

News August 2014

Club Heat was mentioned in the news as an incident involving a violent assault outside the club reached the courts.

News March 2013

Coventry has very kindly decided to protect Club Heat's monopoly of table dancing in the city. The council decided that no more clubs should be allowed.


The Manhattan Club


News June 2013: Licence Lost

The bar has lost its sex entertainment licence after complaints by the police.

The police claimed that the premise was non-compliant because it did not:

maintain separate entrances for customers and performers to use... maintain a satisfactory register of performers with the level of detail required...check on the age of performers to ensure they are over 18...maintain a register of SIA staff working at your premises...[or] have a nominated female chaperone oversees female performers.

The bar will now be closed

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