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2013: July-Sept

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Update: Risky Unprotected Sales...

Porn producer Tristan Taormino announces that she will insist on condoms for her films

Link Here25th September 2013
Full story: Health and Safety in Porn...AIDS and condoms in the US porn industry
An established porn producer has vowed to insist on condoms on her set. Tristan Taormino told CNN that she was looking for performers for a new movie when as casting agent recommended a woman named Cameron Bay, whom later was found to have contracted HIV.

From that point on Taormino decided that she was going to require her male actors use condoms while filming - even if she was the only producer of straight porn to do so.

There are those who disagree though. Performer Danny Wylde wrote in a blog post:

We all take risk going to work every day. It's a managed risk. And it's something I choose to participate in so that I can get a paycheck at the end of my day.

In his blog post he wrote about a time when the porn industry did require condoms on set and the drop in sales almost crumbled the industry:

People don't want to see condoms in their porn. In straight porn, they didn't want to see condoms, he wrote. Everybody tried it, and nobody bought the movies.

Taormino told CNN that she is going to require her performers use protection even if she does lose some viewers.

I know there's a lot of talk about how porn watchers don't want to see condoms and sales will plummet and everyone's going to be miserable. But I'm not buying it.

Offsite: Nica Noelle too

28th September 2013. See  article from

In a long piece just published on , noted adult director Nica Noelle has followed Tristan Taormino with a public announcement (on a well-trafficked mainstream site) indicating her intention to henceforth make her sets condom-mandatory. '

...Read the full article



Pornotopian Society...

Albuquerque cinema wins case that an occasional adult film festival does not trigger zoning rules for adult cinemas

Link Here17th September 2013
A rule permitting cities to impose different requirements on adult theaters than on mainstream theaters, does not apply to the Guild Cinema's occasional Pornotopia film festival, the New Mexico Supreme Court has ruled. The majority ruling said that zoning rules for adult theaters did not include theaters that rarely or only occasionally feature adult entertainment.

That means the Guild, an Albuquerque art house theater, is not an adult amusement establishment and did not commit a zoning violation, according to the 4-1 ruling.

The opinion reverses prior rulings by the New Mexico Court of Appeals and 2nd Judicial District which sided with the city in imposing a $500 fine for the supposed violation.

The Guild was represented by American Civil Liberties Union attorneys Laura Schauer Ives, its legal director, and Kari Morrissey.

Ives called the decision a victory for free speech:

In essence, the court has said that the city cannot limit speech, even speech it doesn't like, without actual justification.

Peter Simonson, executive director of the ACLU of New Mexico, said it was a common-sense decision:

Hosting one erotic film festival does not make the Guild Cinema an 'adult amusement establishment' any more than a club that plays jazz music one night out of the year is a 'jazz club,'



Offsite Article: How to Advertise on a Porn Website...

Link Here17th September 2013
Non porn company notices that advertising on porn sites is very cheap

See article from



Update: A Barrier to Porn...

Bill to mandate condoms for porn production in California is blocked in the Senate

Link Here15th September 2013
Full story: Health and Safety in Porn...AIDS and condoms in the US porn industry
A bill to require adult film actors throughout California to use condoms when shooting sex scenes has died in the state's Senate.

AB 640 by Assemblyman Isadore Hall would have required porn producers to implement a series of health and safety measures on set to protect performers from sexually transmitted diseases. The measures would include requiring the use of condoms when filming sex scenes, as well as paying for medical testing, training and putting a health protection plan in writing.

After Los Angeles County voters last year approved a similar law at the local level, Measure B, many porn companies said they would film elsewhere in California, prompting efforts by anti-porn campaigners to make it statewide.

But Michael Weinstein, an anti-porn campaigner with AIDS Healthcare Foundation said the bill would be reintroduced in the new session.



Updated: Another Case...

Second and third LA Porn Stars Test Positive for HIV

Link Here9th September 2013
Full story: Health and Safety in Porn...AIDS and condoms in the US porn industry

  Rod Daily has the star tattoo

The US adult trade group, the Free Speech Coalition has confirmed porn star Rod Daily has tested positive for HIV, and is calling for his sexual partners to get tested.

The news comes about two weeks after another porn star, Cameron Bay, announced her infection.

According to the Daily Mail, Daily and Bay were linked romantically on adult film industry website Neither Daily nor Bay has confirmed the source of their infection.

Update: Third Case

9th September 2013. See  article from

News of a third adult-film actor testing positive for HIV is putting new pressure on both the industry and state lawmakers.

The HIV cases have spurred campaigners pushing for a statewide mandate for condom use in adult films. The new law is being held up by an ongoing court battle.

The adult industry trade group, the Free Speech Coalition initially said that it had not been formally notified of the case, but later called for a new moratorium on production, saying it had been notified that another performer had tested positive for HIV.

Free Speech Coalition spokeswoman Joanne Cachapero said late Friday that the new case involved a third performer. The group said in a statement that the performer whose case prompted the current moratorium had not done a shoot since before the first moratorium. The industry required performers whose last STD test was prior to Aug. 19 to be retested if they wanted to continue performing. The coalition said it would cover the cost of retesting for the performer's partners.



Offsite Article: Fifty Shades of Spin...

Link Here9th September 2013
Full story: Fifty Shades of Grey Movies...Kink for kids Hollywood style
However one dresses it up. There can't be much sex in a film of Fifty Shades of Grey that is rated as suitable for children

See article from



Act of Censorship...

'Nearly naked' is too naughty for Las Vegas

Link Here30th August 2013
The Palazzo hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip is trying to evict a 10-month-old nightclub for shows it claims are so raunchy that they violate obscenity laws. It says actors, some nearly naked, toss condoms into the crowd and simulate sex acts and bestiality on stage. The casino giant wants to terminate the club's 10-year lease.

The club is opposing the action and is seeking a restraining order to halt the closure, arguing that simulated sex acts don't constitute obscenity.

Sean Dunn, special events director at The Act said that representatives of the hotel-casino have frequently attended shows and did not complain.

The Act remains open for business while a district judge considers its fate.



Updated: Safety First...

US porn makers suspend production over positive HIV test

Link Here29th August 2013

  Cameron Bay is wearing black sporting her trademark sticky up hairstyle

The agency for an adult film star who appears to have tested positive for the HIV infection this week -- prompting an industry moratorium on shooting -- identified her as an actress who goes by the name Cameron Bay.

Free Speech Coalition, a porn industry trade association, issued the moratorium, pending the results of further tests.

Any time any performer tests [positive] to any STD, there are always additional tests to rule out any false positives or contamination. The results of follow up tests were expected to come in by Monday or Tuesday.

The Free Speech Coalition said in a statement that it was working with a doctor affiliated with the Adult Production Health & Safety Services to contact and treat any other performers who might have been exposed.

Update: Confirmed

24th August   2013. See  article from

The Free Speech Coalition issued a statement late Thursday confirming adult performer Cameron Bay as HIV positive. The statement adds:

Thus far, there is no evidence whatsoever that there has been an on-set transmission of HIV. First-generation partner identification and notifications are nearly completed. As a precautionary measure, the production moratorium will remain in place until all first-generation partners have been tested and cleared.

Cameron has said in a statement:

As difficult as this news is for me today, I am hopeful that no other performers have been affected. I plan on doing everything possible to assist the medical professionals and my fellow performers. Following that, my long term plan is to take care of myself and my health.

Update: Moratorium lifted

29th August 2013. See  article from

An adult-film trade group has lifted an industry-wide moratorium on porn production that was prompted by an actress' positive HIV test.

Free Speech Coalition said that all performers who worked with the affected actress, Cameron Bay, were tested and cleared and that a panel of three doctors concluded that it was safe to resume filming.



Offsite Article: Millions of Americans Watch Porn...

Link Here18th August 2013
But for academics, studying it remains a challenge. An interview with Chauntelle Tibbals

See article from



Offsite Article: A Lovely conversation about X-rated film director Armand Weston...

Link Here 16th August 2013
To mark a new restoration of a fascinating oddity of American cinema: Expose Me, Lovely. A hybrid of gritty film noir and hard-core pornography shot amid Manhattan's nascent punk scene in 1976

See article from



Offsite Article: Online Pornography...

Link Here12th August 2013
A miracle product exists that is responsible for dramatically reducing the number of rapes and sexual assaults in America. This invention has even contributed to lower divorce and teen pregnancy rates.

See article from



Offsite Article: So What Does Hollywood Make of Porn...

Link Here3rd August 2013
Linda Lovelace biopic hits theaters as skin is seen as less of a sin

See article from



Frozen Out...

Court orders porn maker to end its series alluding to Ben and Jerry's ice cream

Link Here31st July 2013

An LA pornography studio has agreed to not release products with titles and packaging that take inspiration from Ben & Jerry's trademark ice cream flavors.

The porn maker Caballero Video, also know as Rodax Distributors Inc., has reached a settlement with Ben & Jerry's, according to the law firm representing the sweets maker. The porn company will comply with a court order to not sell products including the 10 titles in its Ben & Cherry's series.

Ben & Jerry's had said that Caballero didn't have permission to reference Ben & Jerry's or its trademarked ice cream flavors. Caballero also used packaging that resembled Ben & Jerry's well-known clouds and cows imagery.

The ban was already ordered in an injunction issued last September and has now been finalised.



Weighty Issues...

How will a measure to replace dollar bills with coins effect tips for strippers?

Link Here26th July 2013

The is a new measure being discussing in the US Senate to replace dollar bills with coins.

Advocates for the measure contend that this would save the government billions of dollars.

But a 2011 ITK investigation found that at least one esteemed gentleman's club in Washington was opposed to similar legislation introduced at the time.

Daniel Harris, owner of Archibald's Gentleman's Club in downtown D.C. told us back then, I think it would be very awkward for everyone involved. How much more would a coin weigh than a dollar bill? It would be very hard.

The manager also astutely pointed out, You can't put a coin in a garter belt.

When pressed about the predicament facing scores of strippers, Senator John McCain responded without missing a beat, Then I hope that they could obtain larger denominations , Fives, tens, one hundreds!



Update: Record Judgement...

US adult industry fails in legal case against unnecessarily onerous record keeping requirements

Link Here19th July 2013
Full story: 2257 Record Keeping...US adut industry onerous requirements

A judge has upheld a federal law that requires the pornography industry to verify performers are at least 18 years of age, rejecting industry arguments that the measure is unconstitutional and imposes unnecessarily burdensome record-keeping requirements.

U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson in Philadelphia ruled against a bid by the adult entertainment industry's advocacy group to have the law overturned.

Federal law requires producers of sexually explicit photos, videos and other media to obtain government-issued photo ID from each performer and keep it on file for government inspection at unnecessarily short notice. The law also imposes labeling requirements.

The Free Speech Coalition filed suit in 2009, arguing the law is overbroad and tramples on protected speech. The industry says it already takes measures to keep kids out of porn.



A Profile of Intolerance...

A ludicrous rant about silhouette images on Edinburgh table dancing club windows

Link Here13th July 2013

A popular strip club in the Edinburgh is to remove silhouettes of women from its windows amid ludicrous criticisms they are dragging the city down.

PC extremist, Councillor Karen Doran, Labour group member for the city centre, said:

I am delighted the club has listened to what residents are saying on this, the others should follow suit.

I think that anyone wishing to attend one of these clubs will be well aware of where they are and do not require vulgar windows to show them the way.

You have an area that is highly populated with families. Lothian Road is a very special street and you have all these images of women -- it's just not acceptable.

Cllr Doran claimed she had been approached repeatedly by people living in her ward who said they did not feel comfortable walking past the silhouettes on strip bars in the city centre. She spouted:

The silhouettes of women in various poses prominently displayed on the windows of these clubs have been of great concern to my constituents.

Council member Chris Wigglesworth added:

For women particularly, the silhouettes are offensive. It's just the feeling of being slightly intimidated by them -- I know people find them quite unpleasant. It's also the fact they are so prominently placed -- it just creates the wrong impression.



Update: Double Dipping...

Philadelphia tax collectors dream up the wheeze of taxing lap dances as well as club entry charges

Link Here13th July 2013
Full story: Pole Tax...Discriminatory taxes on adult entertainment in USA

Two Philadelphia strip clubs are appealing huge taxes levied against them by the city based on a so-called amusement tax that usually is applied to admission fees but in this case someone dreamed up the wheeze that it should also apply to lap dance revenue. The taxes are not slight, Club Risque was charged $320,538, and Cheerleaders was charged $486,482.

Club attorney, George Bochetto, called foul, accusing the city of auditing lap dance revenue and then going back five years and tacking on fines. It's over the top. Unbelievable, he told

The clubs, of course, pay business taxes in addition to the amusement tax, and dancers are supposed to pay income and wage taxes. An informed City Hall source says the city feels it can run an amusement tax up the pole because the lap dance is a separate experience.

Bochetto says that's double-dipping.



Offsite Article: The Sex Awards...

Link Here10th July 2013
New US adult entertainment awards based up voting by fans


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