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On the naughty step...

Ofcom fines Studio 66 TV for naughty words on daytime TV

Link Here23rd August 2022
Full story: Babe Channels...Ofcom have it in for free to air babe channels
Ofcom has fined 965 TV Limited after an investigation found that it had failed to comply with advertising rules on its Studio 66 TV service.

On five dates in March and April 2021, Studio 66 TV featured material which included sexually explicit language and behaviour. Ofcom found that the advertisements were capable of causing widespread offence and had the potential to harm or distress children.

Ofcom has imposed a financial penalty of 15,000 on the licensee 965 TV Limited.

The Breach Decisions noted that the material found in breach of Rules 4.2 and 23.3 included presenters using sexually explicit language which, on several occasions, appeared to be in response to a sex toy, not shown on screen, that had been remotely activated by viewers. This content was broadcast during the daytime between 17:10 and 20:16. The advertising was broadcast at 21:00 and again included the use of sexually explicit language as well as the presenter exposing her breasts on three occasions before 22:00, in contravention of the Chat Service Guidance.

Rule 23.3 of the BCAP Code prohibits the advertising of telecommunications-based sexual entertainment services before 9pm and after 5.30am.

Rule 4.2 of the BCAP Code requires that advertisements do not contain material that causes serious or widespread offence

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