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Enjoyed by All...

French women occasionally enjoy porn with natural, realistic scenes but find rough sex degrading

Link Here6th December 2012

A survey of 579 French women has been carried out by the IFOP polling institute in September to monitor attitudes towards porn.

IFOP's Francois Kraus told AFP:

In the space of a few years it has become an accepted thing for women to watch pornography, partly thanks to the Internet, and video-on-demand services that made porn more accessible and took away the shame factor.

62% of women said they watched porn to spice up their sex life with a partner, and 50% had also done so on their own.

Kraus said:

Women are now consuming porn by themselves. That goes hand in hand with a widening of sexual behaviour, and changing attitudes towards sex toys or fellatio for instance.

And of course it raises the issue of masturbation, one of the great taboos of female sexuality. There is a real generational break, with women in their forties and younger much more willing to admit the practice.

So what do women make of the films on offer? Women attached most importance to a natural-looking cast, a priority for 40%, while realistic sex scenes were essential for 35%. Most women felt strongly that the industry caters only to male fantasies, a view shared by 71% of women.

Likewise 72% felt the films on offer were highly degrading to women, and 57% said they were too violent.

Overall, women were still far less assiduous watchers than men, with only 5% of porn consumers watching frequently -- once a month or more. Another 13% watched a few times a year.

The study was commissioned by Marc Dorcel, a provider of pornographic content, to mark the launch of a new porn site targeting the women's market,



The Girl Friend Experience...

Shock horror! researchers find that many customers of sex workers seek a girl friend experience

Link Here20th September 2012

The Hobbyist and the Girlfriend Experience: Behaviors and Preferences of Male Customers of Internet Sexual Service Providers


This study provides descriptive information about the background characteristics, sexual preferences, attitudes, and motives of men (N = 584) who locate and contract with female Internet Sexual Service Providers (ISSP) for paid sex acts through a prostitute review site on the Web. The questionnaire-based findings showed these men preferred the girlfriend experience or GFE over all other personal qualities and behaviors. The study contributes to our understanding of a rapidly emerging category of men who seek sexual services on-line and their desire for mutuality and excitement in a provider who is willing to replicate some aspects of a conventional, non-remunerative romantic relationship.

The present study provides information on the sexual behavior, motives, and characteristics of a highly elusive population of regular clients of prostitutes who consider themselves hobbyists. These men are part of an on-line community based around prostitute review websites in which clients post reviews of their experiences and also communicate on-line with Internet Sexual Service Providers (ISSP) i.e. prostitutes who advertise their sexual services on-line. Hobbyists share information within a forum of insiders and often come to know one another by user names or aliases. In contrast to customers seeking prostitutes on the street, the risk of arrest is extremely low. Although the sample of 584 men who participated in the present study may not be representative of the majority of prostitution customers, it provides insight into a growing subculture of men who solicit indoor prostitutes almost solely by using the Internet. Our study yields a constellation of findings indicating that many of these customers of ISSP seek a girlfriend experience, popularly abbreviated GFE, in which their interactions with providers mirror those often found in conventional non-remunerative sexual relationships.



Offsite Article: What's Shared Online, Stays Online...

Link Here12th September 2012
Brisbane police warn vigilance after horror for man whose intimate webcam session was plastered across multiple websites in online dating scam

See article from



Collecting Stars...

US survey finds that stars are main driver for choosing adult movies

Link Here30th August 2012

A new and Vivid Entertainment survey has found that DVD porn buyers are big collectors, sometimes amassing stashes of more than 200 feature titles.

The fourth Sex Tracker survey conducted by the companies show that 28% of respondents have more than 100 DVDs in their personal porn collection. Of these, 40% say they've watched each 7% viewed them six to 10 times, but 24% can't remember how many times they've watched them.

What surprised the editors, was that 57% said they do not watch porn on a smart phone or tablet.

The survey also revealed that the star of a movie is the chief purchase motivator for a whopping 61% percent of people who buy adult movies, while 15% buy them because of the story line and 10% buy them because they like a particular studio.

Price, the director, and a movie's special effects have little impact on a purchase decision.

Nearly 55% of viewers said they follow or interact with their favorite stars online and through social media.

Features with story lines mixed with sex are favored by 51% of the respondents, compared with 49% for all-sex movies.



Offsite Article: Toy Story...

Link Here6th August 2012
Adult Toys Hit the Mainstream and Are Here to Stay

See article from



Glamour Survey...

Girl on Girl action popular with the girls

Link Here11th July 2012

A poll has found 90% of British women surveyed admitting that pornography turns them on.

The survey has revealed almost 33% gain ideas from porn to spice up their sex lives, with online pornography being popular with 37% logging on for a peek at erotic pictures, The Sun reported.

Almost 40% like looking at naked women and 30% enjoy girl-on-girl action - with 9% confessing the porn had inspired them to try it for real.

50% of those polled for Glamour magazine said they send their lovers sexy photos and 16% stripped off for a webcam.

As another example HotMovies, an adult video on demand website, consistently reports that Girl on Girl videos are the most popular on the website.



Erotic Award Winner 2012...

Website: PVV Critical Commentary on Adult Production

Link Here7th July 2012 (USA)

This is a website run by Chauntelle Anne Tibbals Ph.D, a sociology academic who specializes in porn. Chauntelle takes a serious but positive attitude to porn to try to help people understand it.

She writes, Just like real life, porn is multi-dimensional and complex, and every discrete element is also part of a wider socio-cultural past, present, and future. PVVOnline/Porn Valley Vantage engages these complexities, connecting the dots and offering readers a unique take on the adult industry.

Great for education at all levels of sexual sophistication!



Offsite Article: Sexual Myths...

Link Here4th June 2012
Ammunition in the War On Science by Dr Marty Klein

See article from


13th May   

The Sex Census 2012...

Ann Summers and Relate get together to survey people's sex lives
Link Here

The Sex Census 2012, surveyed almost 25,000 people in the UK about their sex lives and claims to be the biggest survey of its kind. Sponsors Ann Summers and Relate both hope to use the data gleaned from the survey to gain a better understanding of what makes the nation tick .

Ann Summers hopes that the partnership and Sex Census will help it appeal to a broader audience and make sure the brand is associated with the serious side of a healthy sex life. Relate hoped to broaden perceptions of its brand and services beyond relationship counselling to include sex therapy. Both parties hope to make the dual branded survey an annual census.

The Report is straightforward and informative without being preachy or judgemental. Eg on the subject of Pornography:

There is still a big gender split when it comes to pornography use: just 19% of women use it once a week or more, compared to 58% of men. And 41% of women use pornography once a month or more, compared to 76% of men.

For many years it's been said that women are more interested in pornography when there is a relational component – for example where there is a storyline that details part of a relationship rather than just images of sex – while men are more visually stimulated by images; but our survey says differently. Although a significantly higher proportion of men use pornography regularly, the choices made by men and women are remarkably similar. There is almost no difference at all between the genders when it comes to accessing pornography on the internet, while slightly more women than men use adult TV channels and buy their porn on DVD. The only variations are that women are still bigger consumers of erotic literature and twice as many men access live sex cams from their computers or via their phone.


11th March   

Extract: Pornography: An Intelligent View...

An analysis of stats concludes that the consumption of porn is a minor, largely harmless issue, and that making it illegal for adults is stupid
Link Here
I found no relationship between being pro the legality of porn, or propensity to watch porn, and pro social behaviors e.g. volunteer work, blood donation, etc.

We can dismiss the feminist (and sociological) charges of porn increasing sexual violence and leading to sexism. The USA, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Japan were just some of the countries that suddenly went from no legal pornography to quite widespread availability and consumption of it. These studies all found that greater availability of, and exposure to, pornography does not increase the rate of sexual assaults on women, and probably decreases it. Japanese porn is quite frequently violent and yet even there rape decreased from an already very low base. It's interesting that an increase in porn exposure decreases sexual violence only, and has no effect on other crime. Economists would put this down to a substitution effect.

Several countries have sex offender registers -- mainly of pedophiles. A wide variety of professions are represented on these registers. Members of professions that supposedly promote morality e.g. clerics or teachers, are quite common on it yet conspicuously absent from such registers are men who have worked in the porn industry.

This study (See artilce) found no relationship between the frequency of x-rated film viewing and attitudes toward women or feminism. From the General Social Survey (controlling for IQ, education, income, age, race and ideology) I found that those who are pro the legality of porn are less likely to support traditional female roles, more likely to be against preferential treatment of either gender, and to find woman's rights issues more frequently salient. Although I found that women's rights issues are less salient to male watchers, and female watchers are less likely to think women should work, I also found that watching porn is unrelated to negative attitudes toward women and feminism.

In short exposure to and tolerance of pornography does not cause anti-social behavior (and may even reduce it in relation to sex) and does not get in the way of pro social behavior either.

...Read the full article


24th January   

Playing Spot the Grail...

Researchers fail to find evidence of the G-Spot
Link Here

The elusive female G-spot may not actually exist at all, according to scientists. The G-spot is said to be a small area of the female body where nerve endings are concentrated, with the capability to provide intense pleasure. '

After reviewing 100 studies conducted over the past 60 years, experts have concluded that there is no evidence for the fabled centre of female sexual pleasure after all.

Research leader Dr Amichai Kilchevsky, a urologist from the Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, blamed pornography, magazines and sex therapists for ruthlessly promoting the idea. While he admitted the concept merited further attention and that modern investigative techniques might help, he said he hoped his conclusion would take the pressure off couples who had not located it.

Objective measures have failed to provide strong and consistent evidence for the existence of an anatomical site that could be related to the famed G-spot , he wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

His findings support those of researchers from King's College London, who questioned 1,800 women in one of the largest studies on the subject and concluded that there was no evidence for the existence of the G-spot.


15th January

 Offsite: Calm Down!...

Link Here
Your Kid Looks At Porn. Now What?

See article from

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