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Watered down...

Aberdeen council closes Aberdeen lap dancing club after accusations of watered down drinks

Link Here 6th July 2019
Aberdeen city council has revoked the licence for The Mask lap dancing club after a request from Police Scotland. The police claimed that staff were watering down drinks and overcharging customers for intimate shows.

Apart from the overcharging and diluted drinks allegations, police were also concerned that the club was breaching licensing conditions by having no personal licence holder present after 1am and no one able to operate the CCTV system.



Offsite Review: The Censor: a pornographic tragedy...

Link Here 2nd July 2019
For a play featuring so much debauchery, The Censor is surprisingly moving and tender.

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Miss Adventures at Mega Boob Manor...

The Forgotten World Of The British Softcore Video. By David Flint

Link Here 1st July 2019




Offsite Article: Fondly remembering Gwenap...

Link Here 29th June 2019
Full story: Sex Shops in Hull...The usual trivial reasons cited to get sex shops banned
Hulls long lasting and innovative sex shop

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Close, but no cigar!...

Sex toys are still illegal in Cuba but at least the authorities have allowed them to feature and be sold at a public art exhibit

Link Here 27th June 2019
Sex toys are still illegal in Cuba but now a group of artists has been given a little space to set about breaking taboos.

Consolez Vous is the project of the artists Yanahara Mauri, Javier Alejandro Bobadilla and Joan Diaz, who during the last Biennial of Havana stormed the Cuban Art Factory with the provocative idea of installing a sex shop. Their pieces are now exhibited at La Marca, as part of the Design Biennial, organized by the National Design Office.

The original idea was to establish a traveling sex store. The authorities did not accept this proposal and placed the proposal in the Art Factory, a place where thousands of people enter daily.

These erotic objects are all transparent, they have messages and things inside, apart from the mixtures of colors. We prepare the right environment to make them look better and be more appealing.

To make the pieces, they use polyester resin. The material is liquid, it looks like honey. We have toys of different sizes and colors, some are smooth but there are others that have curves. In the shop some complained that the objects do not vibrate or that they are very hard. Others asked that silicone be used instead of resin.

In the absence of places licensed for the sale of sex items, an illegal market has developed in the country. A sex toy costs between 20 and 60 CUC. Sex shops in Cuban exist clandestinely in private homes with products arriving in the country in the baggage of the so-called mules -- individuals who bring items through customs.

The Consolez Vous artistic project ran throughout the month of April and the first week of May at the Art Factory. Although at first the idea was to give away the objects, the high price of the raw material forced the artists to sell their work. Each sexual object is sold at 5 CUC (roughly 5 dollars). The price barely covers the investment, but it is part of the purpose of the display: For these objects to be within reach of people's wallets, he adds. For the Biennial we made 500 toys and we only have one small box left in Matanzas. We have sold more than 400, says Bobadilla proudly



Law around non-consensual sexual images to be reviewed by Manchester Council...

Liberal Democrats come to the defence of Manchester lap dancers harassed by extremists filming sex acts without consent

Link Here 26th June 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in the North West...Moralists around Manchester, Liverpool and Carlisle
The Liberal Democrats have said Manchester City Council is wrong to welcome undercover video footage from the anti-strip club campaign group Not Buying It .

The party, which has long-believed in legalising sex-work including prostitution, has warned that if the footage was to leak it could seriously endanger the safety of the workers.

Dancers and strippers involved said they are terrified after the anti-sex work group filmed private strip dances in Manchester-based Victoria's and Obsessions clubs.

Not Buying It claims to have footage of sexual acts being offered and breaches of licensing rules.

Manchester City Council said officials have launched an investigation into the two clubs after the footage from Not Buying It was presented to them. A spokesperson said: We thank Not Buying It for bringing this matter to our attention.

The United Voices of the World Union (UVW) have compared the covert filming to revenge porn, whilst the pro-sex work Liberal Democrats criticised the move as a completely inappropriate invasion of privacy. The party's Equalities Spokesperson April Preston said she was appalled that Manchester Council has welcomed the footage and hopes the same level of scrutiny is applied to the strip club bosses. Describing it as entrapment, Preston added:

Instead of going after workers, Liberal Democrats would legalise sex work and focus on the safety and employment rights of women.

We fully support unionisation to ensure the same scrutiny and accountability you would find in any other line of work and will work with anyone to help reinforce this.



German Innovation...

Virtual Reality porn booths appear in German sex shops

Link Here 26th June 2019
German sex shops are inviting customers to try out virtual reality porn inside new VR booths.

The booths cost just under 1 per minute to use and are available in 14 cities across Germany.

They are built by German firm Virtual Real Pleasure and each booth -is about the size of a small bathroom. Booths cots the shop 8,000 to install.

Inside is a high-end virtual reality (VR) headset and an easy-clean leather chair to sit on. Customers pick a VR smut flick, which then plays on a TV on the opposite side of the booth. The booth is big enough to incorporate two people at once.



Offsite Article: Paradise Lost...

Link Here 24th June 2019
Full story: Sex work in Germany...Legal and very popular
The German Paradise Club chain of mega brothels comes to a bad end as lack of available sex workers led to trafficking

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Dorcel TV Africa...

French hardcore satellite channel expands into Africa

Link Here 23rd June 2019

Leading European studio Marc Dorcel brings its brand into a whole new region of the world with the launch of new TV channel Dorcel TV Africa, available exclusively on Les Bouquets CANAL +, which is carried in over 25 African countries.

Touted as the first 100 percent African XXX channel in Africa, the new outlet adds to the studio's portfolio that includes Dorcel TV and Dorcel XXX in Europe, which boast over 3 million subscribers across the continent.

Dorcel TV Africa is currently available on the EVASION+ package on channel 405, and can only be accessed using a parental code. The content is broadcast in French and English 24 hours per day, or between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., depending on country regulations.

According to the studio, the content on the new channel is shot entirely in Africa with local producers, directors and performers. The Marc Dorcel company has developed exclusive partnerships with several African producers to produce films that accurately adhere to our ethical code of conduct, notably through the protection of the actresses and actors. All programs are produced in safe sex conditions.



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