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What the Bible says about sex robots

Link Here 18th September 2017
robot samantha
What the Bible actually says  about sex robots, (give or take a letter)

Esther 2:7

Mordecai had a 'cousin' named Hadassah, whom he had bought up because she had neither father nor mother. This young woman, who was also known as Esther, had a lovely figure and was beautiful.

It's the worst sin. Sex robot users anger God and will go to HELL, Christian preachers spout.

Sex robots are warped copies of real humans and sinners who use them will be condemned to hell, leading Christians have claimed.

One sex robot named Samantha, 'who likes to be touched' and has eight different modes, including romantic and family mode, is already on sale worldwide. And now a few Christians have been whingeing to the Daily Star about the morality of sex robots.

Dr Richard Land, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary, in North Carolina, US, said:

Sex with a non-human is rebelling against God.  The widespread use of sex robots could have catastrophic consequences for human relationships.

Referring to a passage in Corinthians 6 in the Bible, Dr Land said perverting God's purpose for sex is the worst kind of sin. He said:

The Bible is very clear that god created sex to make two people one person. Any sexual relationship that violates that purpose for sex is rebelling against God. That would include sex with a non-human, for instance a robot.

Dr Christopher Benek, religious commentator and pastor in South Florida, US, said someone who has sex with a robot risks separation from God and being sent to hell. In traditional Christianity, it is a sin to commit idolatry...the worship of an idol, icon or statue.


  Risky Do It Yourself at Home Depot...

An amateur porn star gets in trouble in the US for performing porn in public

Link Here 8th September 2017
risky b-day videoPretty porn star MayvenDoll, like others before her, has built a brand around public sex. But it has all gone a bit tits up as she and her producer/husband have both been arrested for their public sex themes.

MayvenDoll was charged with eight counts of public display of hardcore sexual activity, three counts of obscene film and four counts of promoting obscene performance, according to District Prosecutor Scott Ellington. Her boyfriend faces three counts of each charge.

An anonymous snitch notified the Street Crimes Unit of the Jonesboro, Arkansas Police Department, that MayvenDoll was performing sexual activities in public across Jonesboro. The source led police to the videos uploaded to porn websites online. One video showed MavenDoll going into Home Depot in Jonesboro, bending over to show her panties and flashing down different aisles of the store. According to reports, the big issue appeared to be that some of the acts took place in proximity to locations like playgrounds, public benches, and the like.

MeyvernDoll's video that led to the arrest was appropriately titled Risky B-day and is available on PornHub.


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Link Here 5th September 2017
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