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Indecent proposal...

Spain's Socialist Party fails to gain support for a mierable bill to re-criminalise sex work

Link Here22nd May 2024
Full story: Sex Work in Spain...Debating the regularisation of prostitution
Spain's Socialist Party (PSOE) has been defeated in its attempt to re-criminalize legal sex work in Spain. A controversial law it attempted to pass failed to gain parliamentary support among its allies in its ruling coalition.

The proposed law had been loudly opposed by sex workers, sex worker rights groups and the local adult industry.

The traditionally left-leaning PSOE was counting on the ultra-Catholic elements within the opposition right-leaning PP to provide some support for the law, but a critical mass of PP's parliamentarians withdrew their support from the reviled Abolition of Prostitution law.

The vote ended with 122 in favor, 184 against and 36 abstentions.

Sex workers pointed out that the original goal of the Only Yes Means Yes law -- which was an earlier law which some feminists in the PSOE mutated into a sex-work abolition bill -- was to enshrine the idea of consent in Spanish law, but that its backers ended up not criminalizing nonconsensual deep fakes and deplatforming consensual sex workers instead.



Age discrimination...

Florida passes a miserable state law banning young adults from becoming strippers

Link Here22nd May 2024
Full story: Adult Entertainment in USA...Miserable politicians vs adult entertainment
A group of Florida-based strip clubs and adult entertainment venues is preparing to sue their state government for recently adopting a law that requires all performers to be at least 21 years old. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the age discrimination law as House Bill (HB) 7063.

The bill enters force on July 1, 2024, so litigation is expected to be filed in the coming weeks. Bloomberg Law senior correspondent Chris Marr reports that attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are preparing to represent club owners and other venues to challenge the statewide law. HB 7063 broadly applies to strip clubs, burlesque shows, adult bookstores and other establishments considered legal adult entertainment under Florida obscenity statutes.

Angelina Spencer-Crisp, a public affairs professional who manages trade groups representing adult entertainment clubs nationwide and locally in Florida, told AVN that HB 7063 is a coordinated effort to limit freedoms for adults. She said:

They pass these laws ... saying that [human trafficking in clubs] is rampant. And, you see all these taglines in the news saying there is a correlation between strip clubs and trafficking. Am I telling you that it never happens? No, I am not saying that. But what I am saying is that based on the government's own data, it is less than 1 percent.



Jobs in the community service sector...

Sex workers set to be legally employed in Belgium

Link Here11th May 2024
Full story: Sex work in Belgium...Political attempt to ban sex wrk
The decriminalisation of sex work in Belgium was approved by Federal Parliament on March 18th 2022 and came into effect on 1st June 2022. However, under the new law it remained illegal for sex workers to work under an employment contract. This left sex workers with the choice between self-employment or a semi-legal contract in a grey zone with no guaranteed rights or protection.

In response, the Belgian Labor, Health and Justice Cabinets worked with sex worker-led organisations to develop a labour law for sex work. On 2nd May 2024, this law was approved by Belgian federal Parliament. The law enables sex workers to work under an employment contract and gain access to social protection benefits.

The sex worker trade group, UTSOPI, wrote of the new law:

In the first place, this means access to social security: pension, unemployment, health insurance, family benefits, annual vacation, maternity leave, etc. At the same time, the law ensures that sex workers in the workplace are protected from work-related risks and not anyone can become an employer.

Central to the new law are the freedoms of sex workers: any sex worker may choose to refuse a client or a sexual act, interrupt an act or perform it however they wish. Those who wish to become employers must not have incurred convictions for serious crimes, must appoint a reference person for the sex worker's safety and provide an alarm button that immediately connects to the reference person.



Ex Totties...

Council moralists shut down Totties lap dancing club in Altrincham after trading for 24 years

Link Here11th May 2024
Full story: Lap Dancing in the North West...Moralists around Manchester, Liverpool and Carlisle
Moralists on Trafford's council's 'public protection' sub-committee have refused to renew the licence for Totties Lap Dancing Club in Altrincham, which had been running for the last 24 years.

The Venue is continuing to runas a nightclub but has only six months left on the lease from the landlord.

The owner said the option to appeal against the refusal of the licence to the magistrates' court would have been too expensive, bearing in mind there was only a short amount of time left on the lease.

At the renewal hearing last month, chair of the sub-committee, Cllr David Jarman said:

We feel that it's no longer an appropriate area for this type of establishment.



Sex workers count...

China leads the way with the most sex workers in the world

Link Here3rd May 2024
Full story: Sex Work in Thailand...Fun for all, Thais and foreigners alike
The International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW) has revealed that Thailand is home to 250,000 sex workers, one of the highest numbers worldwide. Despite this, the profession remains illegal in the country and workers are lacking basic employment rights.

In a recent report titled Sex Worker Statistics by Country, Gender , the IUSW provided a breakdown of the worldwide sex industry. The findings suggest there are over 50 million sex workers globally, with 41.6 million female and 10.4 million male. They predict this number will rise over time due to the increasing options for offering sexual services.

The report also ranked the countries with the highest number of sex workers. Standing at the top is China, with 5 million workers, followed by India (3 million), the US (1 million), the Philippines (800,000), Mexico (500,000), Germany (400,000), Brazil (250,000), Thailand (250,000), Bangladesh (200,000), and South Korea (147,000).



Age of censorship...

Georgia joins list of states requiring age/ID verification to access porn websites

Link Here30th April 2024
Full story: Age Verification in USA...Requiring age verification for porn and social media
Georgia's state governor Brian Kemp has signed into law a bill that requires age verification on adult websites, a law which likely will cause the sites to shut down in the state.

Senate Bill 351 sponsored by Sen. Jason Anavitarte, aims at protecting children from cyberbullying and exposure to pornographic content, as well as regulates the usage of social media.

The law requires parental consent before allowing minors to create social media accounts. It also echoes a Texas law that would mandate age verification on pornography sites by requiring users to upload a government-issued photo ID before allowing them to view adult content. Any sites that do not enforce these rules would receive a $10,000 fine for each child who accesses content deemed harmful to minors.



Offsite Article: Miserable USA...

Link Here30th April 2024
Publishing the names of men caught buying sex

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