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The price of sex...

A world survey of an hour with a sex worker

Link Here18th August 2022
According to Economist, In 2006, the cost for one hour of sex with a female sex worker averaged $340 worldwide. Nowadays, the average rate is down to $260. But how does this billion-dollar industry trickle down to the workers who make it possible?

\the Havocscope team analyzed thousands of profiles of female sex workers on 200 websites, covering 55 countries, from escort directories to agencies and some of the most recognized international sites. The prices obtained for the visualization aren't the standard, rather the approximate average of prices published in 2019 by the many escorts on the web.

All costs are converted to U.S. dollars and reflect only the costs for 1 hour of escort service. Here are a few examples:

Australia 350
Germany 350
Singapore 350
United Kingdom 350
Poland 320
Belgium 300
Japan 300
New Zealand 300
South Africa 300
United States 250
Ireland 230
Netherlands 180
Thailand 150
Philippines 140
Colombia 50



United against moralists...

Lawyers for United Sex Workers want to support legal case against the livelihood destroying Edinburgh moralist councillors that have banned lap dancing

Link Here12th August 2022
Full story: Lap Dancing in Edinburgh...Capital adult entertainment
Lawyers for United Sex Workers, a branch of the United Voices of the World (UVW) union successfully helped out against Bristol Council's bid to ban lap dancing. The group has now applied to help out in a legal case in Edinburgh where dancers are trying to reverse a moralist ban on lap dancing clubs in the city.

Lawyers for United Sex Workers have applied to the Court of Session to be allowed to participate in a judicial review of plans that will cost the loss of 100 jobs.

The council voted in March to close all four strip clubs in the capital.



Privacy concerns...

Changes at Private Shops UK

Link Here12th August 2022
We were informed by shop staff at a local Private Shop that the company has been sold to a new company called Love Empire. There is a shop in Portsmouth named Love Empire, but is not clear whether this is connected.




Police get a stripping down...

Off duty police told not to strip off at gay club

Link Here3rd August 2022
Metropolitan Policemen have been threatened with disciplinary action if they continue to take part in a porn idol event where contestants strip for cash at a gay club in central London.

A senior officer has sent an email to the West End policing unit to warn officers against stripping at Heaven nightclub in Charing Cross, one of the bars they are responsible for policing, while off duty.

An inspector threatened:

If officers continued to take part in the event CCTV will be viewed and officers spoken to.



Offsite Article: India's Supreme Court rules in favour of sex workers, and women rise up...

Link Here 31st July 2022
India's Supreme Court rules in favour of sex workers, and women rise up Sex workers in Hyderabad rise up against their forced detention following court's ruling

See article from



Toxic Femininity...

The Irish Injustice Minister whinges about porn usage by adult men

Link Here29th July 2022
Irish Injustice Minister Helen McEntee has voiced her concern that pornography has become too easily accessible and more violent and degrading , after a survey by a campaign group claimed that one in five men in Ireland aged under 55 watch porn daily.

The survey, carried out by the Men's Development Network, found that more than 70% of men under 45 have reported using porn at least once a week.

Reacting to the findings, McEntee said:

Pornography is too easily accessible, it has become more violent and degrading. It has changed the way younger people view sexual relationships.

Men and boys can become agents of change by challenging discrimination, sexism, and violence and I welcome the tireless work that Men's Development Network does in this area.

I am glad that my department has been of assistance this year by providing funding for its awareness-raising campaigns.

I'm confident that, through continued education, we can support men and boys, and women and girls, to fulfil their aspirations, unconstrained by narrow stereotypes. We must continue to work together.

Our recently-published third National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence takes a zero-tolerance approach and will support us all, over the next five years, to face up to the excuses we as a society make for unacceptable behaviours.



Earnings taking off in Bristol...

Strippers win the day as a miserable proposal to ban lap dancing clubs is voted down

Link Here29th July 2022
Full story: Lap Dancing in the South West...Lap dancing in Bristol and Somerset
For years campaigners, including Labour councillors, police and feminist groups, - have urged Bristol Council to ban strip clubs. The only problem for this miserable coalition was that the strippers themselves wanted to carry on stripping to earn a living.

Adult performers were celebrating on Thursday after persuading a majority of the city's council to reject the proposed ban on strip clubs and other sex entertainment venues.

One self-described exotic dancer told the council's licensing committee:

Stripping has allowed me to have a flexible enough schedule to pursue my dream career while simultaneously enabling me to live a comfortable life - not living in constant stress due to living from paycheck to paycheck.

Such was the strength of feeling among the female dancers and performers that Guy Poultney, a Green Party councillor, received a round of applause when he accused women's rights groups of arguing that we should discount the voices of some women in order to empower them and to restrict their choices in the name of equality and take away their jobs for their own good. He also said they were acting as if some women can't be trusted to make choices for themselves.




Miserable Thailand...

Thai governments defends its ineffectual blocking of internet porn

Link Here19th July 2022
Full story: Internet Censorship in Thailand...Thailand implements mass website blocking
A government spokeswoman for the DES or Digital Economy and Society Ministry that censors the internet in Thailand said that everything was being done to protect young people from online pornography.

Noppawan Huajaiman said that this was a concern of Thai PM Prayuth Chan-ocha. So the DES were monitoring the situation closely, following up on parental complaints, giving advice and ensuring that the law was followed to the letter.

She said that court orders can be obtained to remove obscene content and offenders can be jailed for five years and get 100,000 baht (£2300) fines under 2007 legislation. But she also said that parents can and should complain to platforms when they see obscene material.

Thai ISPs routinely block major porn websites but the blocks can be readily evaded using VPNs or TOR

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