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Germany passes new law requiring sex workers to register with their local authority

Link Here 4th July 2017  full story: Sex work in Germany...Legal and very popular

Germany flagGermany has enacted a new prostitution law with more state control, more regulations and more penalties. It is going to become more difficult to make money as a sex worker in Germany. Prostitutes and brothels will now be subject to closer scrutiny under a new law for the regulation of the prostitution industry and the protection of sex workers, which went into effect on July 1.

According to the new law, sex workers must register with local authorities and seek a medical consultation from a public health service. In the future, brothels or businesses that offer sex services will be required to apply for a permit that will only be granted if health, hygiene and room requirements are met.

The new law prohibits flat-rate brothels and gang-bang parties, in which a sex worker must service several men concurrently. Also, sex without a condom is prohibited. Furthermore, clients who knowingly make use of the services provided by people who have been forced into prostitution will be penalized.

The fear of registration is rampant in the industry. Panic is spreading, says Silvia Vorhauer, a counselor at Dortmund's Mitternachtsmission, an organization that helps women who have quit prostitution. Many women fear this change. They argue, I cannot register and then get around with this ID. I'm going to have to quit. Vorhauer notes egistration at the local government office leads to the stigmatization and criminalization of women. This move is dangerous, she says, because prostitution may then be forced underground into illegality.


 Extract: 30th Anniversary Of The Sybian...

A family-run business in rural Illinois reflects on how its famous product has changed with the times.

Link Here 4th July 2017

sx machines sybian 2016 Dave Lampert is a husband, father, and rural Illinois farm boy. He is also the creator of what may be the world's most storied sex toy: the Sybian, a 22-pound, saddle-style appliance equipped with a gyrating, rotating dildo and clitoral stimulator.

We launched quietly, without much advertising and not knowing exactly how the Sybian would be embraced, Lampert, now in his eighties and recently retired, told Vocativ. What would later follow could only be described as Sybian madness.

Within months, the thousand-dollar-plus machinery would gain an outsized reputation in the adult entertainment community -- and later, in a more mainstream world after live Sybian demos became a regular feature on the Howard Stern Show. Lampert himself even appeared on the radio show once, coaxing a pornographic actress through what she estimated to be about 15 or 20 orgasms in less than five minutes.

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 Offsite Article: Censorship Bots...

Link Here 23rd June 2017
Facebook logo The Sex Tech Industry Says Facebook and PayPal Are Censoring Its Work

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