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No News Monday 16th March...

News Monday 9th March...

Apropos of Nothing by
US News
Nothing to read here
Woody Allen's autobiography is censored by his publisher Hachette


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News Tuesday 3rd March...

GoodFellas - 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray
An update about MPAA cuts

News Thursday 27th February...

doj logo
US News
It's their party and they can censor the right if they want to
Google wins US court case about its right to censor PragerU
superbowl half time show
US News
A Weak Offence
1300 US viewers whinge about sexy half time show at the Super Bowl
chica boom video
US News
Offsite Article: An artist's too spicy video that has censored the city of San Antonio
Artists and curators describe the city's decision to remove Xandra Ibarra's video as an attack on the First Amendment.

News Friday 14th February...

us congress
US News
Preventing Foreign Censorship in America Act
US lawmakers introduce bill to protect US citizens from Chinese censorship

News Thursday 13th February...

Poster Hunt 2019 Craig Zobel
US News
Clinton's Gang vs the Deplorables
The Hunt resumes after the movie was withdrawn from the schedules last summer

News Wednesday 12th February...

military wives poster
A little off pitch
Military Wives cut in the US for an MPAA PG-13 rating

News Sunday 2nd February...

Prince & Knight (Mini Bee Board Books) by Daniel Haack Hardcover
US News
Offline Harms Bill
Missouri lawmaker introduces a bill to censor library books that are deemed inappropriate for minors

News Saturday 1st February...

Scooby Doo Movie Region NTSC
Screen writer confirms rumours that the first submission to the MPAA was indeed R rated

News Tuesday 21st January...

the truth has changed poster
US News
The Truth Has Changed
Political theatre show cancelled by the venue after what sounds like a bit of an argument

News Wednesday 15th January...

military wives poster
Military Wives
US distributors are appealing against an MPAA R rating



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