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Game over
US games rating group ESRB is backing down from ratings for online-only games citing high volumes

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16th May
conservatives against online censorship logo
Conservatives against social media
Christian campaigners lead conservative fight back against the left wing bias of social media. As if the religious right are innocent of calling for censorship at every opportunity

14th May
us pg-13
Justifying a PG-15 rating for unjustified gun violence
US researchers claim that Hollywood movie gun violence would sit easier at PG-15 rather than PG-13
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11th May
us congress
The Secure Data Act
US lawmakers propose law to prevent the sate from demanding back door access to IT products and communications

9th May
Conan Exiles: Day One Edition
Conan Exiles
Video game is censored in the US but is uncut in Europe
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7th May
bruce habowski
Spent conviction
US university censors works because the artist spent 6 months in jail 20 years ago
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5th May
wix logo
Maybe the new US internet censorship law will let non US companies grab a slice of the cake
Website hosting service Wix takes down websites related to sex work
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26th Apr
parental advisory explicit lyrics logo
Extract: The Filthy 15
The story of the US 'Explicit Lyrics' warning
US NewsUS News South Carolina
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Bill restricting criticism of Israel sneaks through South Carolina Senate
No doubt advice from the UK's Labour Party is that it would be best to avoid this potentially very destructive debate
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25th Apr
Missouri state seal
A perpetual politically toxic environment in Missouri
Politicians propose resolution claiming all the worlds ills should be blamed on porn rather than more likely cause, politicians
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21st Apr
Going Straight - The Complete Series DVD
Straight talking to be banned in California
A bill progresses hat will ban the promotion of anything that purports to change sexual orientation

17th Apr
Agonising cuts
Publishers explain that they are having to censor the upcoming video game, Agony, to get an ESRB M rating
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15th Apr
us congress
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: AI censors are just round the next corner
A good report from Mark Zuckerberg's grilling at the US Congress
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12th Apr
mr sorry
Mr. Sorry Goes to Washington
Mark Zuckerberg apologises again for Facebook's disdain of privacy protection
US NewsUS News donald trump
Taking tips from Putin on how to censor the internet
Trump signs bill to censor websites offering services for sex workers
US NewsUS News age artings on netflix
Netflix US introduces new PIN options for parental control and on screen age ratings
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11th Apr
California state seal
Censorship straight out of the Ministry of Truth
Crazed Californian senator proposes law to require all local websites to get all news items censored by a government approved fact checker
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10th Apr
democrats donkey logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Endangering the people
US 'Democrats' re-visit legislation demanding that the US authorities should be given a backdoor key to encrypted communications
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9th Apr
homeland security logo
Sounds like China
US to generate a database of global news sources, journalists, social media influencers and bloggers etc so that they will know where to send the boys round when somebody says something they shouldn't

6th Apr
Urotsukidoji Perfect Collection Hirotaka Suzuoki
Spawning the legend that all anime is naughty tentacles
A rare New York screening of Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend prompts a retelling of its part in the history of film censorship
FCCFCC News fcc logo
Word games
The US TV censors of the FCC receive 162 complaints about explicit TV coverage of Trump's 'shithole countries' remark
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5th Apr
YouTube logo
Messing with people's livelihoods
Gun spree at Google offices may be related to YouTube's de-monitisation censorship policies
MPAAMPAA News bloodfeast unrated
Updated: The full feast
Blood Feast remake is set for a US theatrical release in its uncut MPAA unrated form
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31st Mar
us vsa rejectedl
The Trump Slump
Don't dis the Donald if you are planning a trip to the US
ESRBESRB News esrb ao
Offsite Article
Offsite Comment: The consequence of refusing to accept adults only gaming
US games developers squeeze adult games into the top end of the M rating whilst mildly violent games seek an M rating for street cred. The US then ends up with a single, and meaningless, rating for everything beyond children's games
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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A New Bill Claims to Fight Sex Trafficking
But it is ending up censoring everything and anything to do with sex
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28th Mar
YouTube logo
It's Google's party and it can censor who it likes
Judge sides with Google over the censorship of alt-right YouTube videos
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Gullible lawmaker realises he has been taken for a ride
Rhode Island senator removes bill calling for $20 charge for internets users to access adult material
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25th Mar
us congress
US heads in the clouds act
US Congress passes an unscrutinised bill to allow foreign countries to snoop on US internet connections, presumably so that GCHQ can pass the data back to the US, so evading a US ban on US snooping on US citizens
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23rd Mar
us congress
A dark day for the Internet
US congress passes a supposed anti sex trafficking bill and immediately adult consensual sex workers are censored off the internet

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