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No News Sunday 26th January...

News Tuesday 21st January...

the truth has changed poster
US News
The Truth Has Changed
Political theatre show cancelled by the venue after what sounds like a bit of an argument


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News Wednesday 15th January...

military wives poster
Military Wives
US distributors are appealing against an MPAA R rating

News Saturday 11th January...

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US News
Offsite Article: Satire is not fake news
Babylon Bee editor Kyle Mann on his bizarre battle with the fact-checkers.

News Thursday 2nd January...

US News
The US Army bans Chinese App TikTok from government phones
Given Chinese dominance of internet infrastructure plus control over ever more apps, how long before the US government changes its stance and mandates strong encryption for all US internet users?

News Wednesday 1st January...

California state seal
US News
Do Not Sell My Personal Information
California leads the way on internet privacy in the US as its CCPA law comes into effect

News Monday 23rd December...

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US News
Who'd a thought it
The use of the word 'shit' on prime time TV is still considered newsworthy in the US

News Saturday 21st December...

Spiked logo
US News
Offsite Article: Trump's ban on anti-Israel protests is an assault on free speech
His Executive Order is deeply illiberal and will do nothing to tackle anti-Semitism. By Satya Marar

News Tuesday 17th December...

google adwords logo
US News
Searching for transparency
Google bans the distribution of political adverts targeted only on one side of the political debate

News Sunday 15th December...

vrc ma 17
US History
Videogame Rating Council
Remembering and early games rating scheme in the US

News Thursday 12th December...

YouTube logo
US News
Searching for pots and black kettles
Masters of vague censorship rules, Google, complains about the US government's vague censorship rules about defining children's videos

News Wednesday 11th December...

EFF logo
US News
Seeking the back door to cloud cuckoo land
The US Senate Judiciary Committee joins the UK and Australia Wanting Everyone to Know It's Concerned About Encryption

News Saturday 7th December...

US News
Fake views
TikTok head called to congress to answer for apparent Chinese censorship of videos from the Hong Kong protests
us congress
US News
Recalling the good old days
Four US members of Congress call on the Attorney General to return to banning and censoring porn



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