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No News Sunday 11th November...

News Saturday 10th November...

MPAA MPAA News Promises! Promises! DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Promises! Promises!
The History Of Nudity In R-Rated Films. By Dirk Libbey
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Reverse motion
As 6 major Hollywood studios become 5, a little speculation how the MPAA will cope with its shrinking budget


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News Wednesday 7th November...

MPAA MPAA News Poster Deadpool 2 2018 David Leitch
Once Upon a Deadpool
Children's version of Deadpool 2 rated PG-13 by the MPAA

News Sunday 4th November...

MPAA MPAA News Poster House That Jack Built 2018 Lars Von Trier
The House That Jack Built
Will be screened as a Director's Cut and also an MPAA R rated Theatrical Version

News Friday 2nd November...

US News US News Google logo
It would prevent them from censoring conservative voices
Google claims that is impractical to require it to implement US constitutional free speech

News Wednesday 24th October...

MPAA MPAA News Poster Reliant 2018 Paul Munger
The Reliant
Producers appeal to the MPAA seeking to downrate the film from R to PG-13

News Thursday 18th October...

US News US News US Supreme Court
State actors
US Supreme Court accepts case that could define internet giants to be state actors and hence should only censor content according to constitutional law, not its own morality

News Monday 8th October...

US News US News KIDZ BOP 2018
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Kidz Bop's censored songs aren't just annoying -- they're problematic
A children's media 'expert' on what Kidz Bop censorship says about how sex and violence are perceived in America.

News Saturday 6th October...

MPAA MPAA News venom coming soon poster
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Is Venom Too Scary For Kids?
Is a movie about an alien parasite that forcibly takes over someone's body and then starts threatening to bite heads and limbs off, but parents may be wondering if the movie is too scary for younger children.

News Thursday 4th October...

US News US News Facebook logo
Facebook should only allow good friends
Texas woman sues Facebook for not preventing her from being lured into prostitution
US News US News conifa logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Sponsor Pressure
How The Chinese Government Works To Censor Debate In Western Democracies

News Sunday 30th September...

US News US News poster faces of global terrorism
Bus advert censorship
US appeals court finds that a transit authority's refusal to take a political advert was unconstitutional censorship

News Wednesday 26th September...

US News US News EFF logo
Adult sex workers still banned from the US internet
The EFF's case opposing US internet censorship under the recent FOSTA law is dismissed by a federal court
US News US News us government logo
Extract: World Police
Three Orwellian Ways Facebook is Increasingly Becoming a Censorship Arm of the US Government
US News US News Wait Until Dark Blu-ray
Shopping: Wait Until Dark
1967 USA horror thriller by Terence Young just released on UK Blu-ray


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