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No News Wednesday 22nd May...

News Thursday 16th May...

US News US News donald trump
The right's right to free speech
Donald Trump sets up an internet page to report examples of politically biased internet censorship


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News Monday 13th May...

US News US News donald trump
Updated: Right on censorship
Trump to monitor the political censorship of the right by social media
US News US News i eat ass
Tales from the ass
Florida man with car sticker reading 'I eat ass' get screwed by the police

News Thursday 9th May...

US News US News us congress
Random cenosrship
US senator promises to introduce bill to prohibit loot boxes from games played by under 18s

News Wednesday 8th May...

MPAA MPAA News kelly mcmahon
Welcoming a new rating aboard
Kelly McMahon takes over as the head of MPAA's film ratings board

News Tuesday 7th May...

US News US News Facebook logo
Acting against sex trafficking was put above free speech, justice and practicality
Now Facebook is in court for not protecting victims of sex trafficking, no doubt wishing it hadn't supported the removal of the very same legal protection it now needs

News Saturday 4th May...

MPAA MPAA News cara logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Video: Failure of NC-17 was one of her biggest regrets in a 30 year career
Joan Graves of MPAA's film rating wing CARA gives interview to mark her retirement on May 3rd 2019

News Friday 3rd May...

US News US News us copyright office logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement
TorrentFreak outlines a new law to rework copyright claims in the US

News Monday 29th April...

US News US News x files poster
Smoked chestnuts
Three US senators write to media content producers about recommendations to make all depictions of smoking to be MPAA R rated or TV-MA

News Friday 26th April...

MPAA MPAA News Marvels Avengers Two Disc Blu ray Packaging
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: How The Avengers was nearly R-rated because of one crucial scene
Recalling the cuts to Avengers Assemble

News Saturday 13th April...

ESRB ESRB News esrb logo
Extract: No more skimpy costumes for female characters
Games May Be Toning Down Sexual Content, But Not Violence

News Tuesday 9th April...

US News US News George
A day in the life of transgender children, gay bunnies and conservative politicians
The American Library Association publishes its annual list of the most challenged books of 2018

News Friday 22nd March...

MPAA MPAA News Poster Rocketman 2019 Dexter Fletcher
Rocketman banned from Uranus
Studio wants director of Elton John biopic to delete 40s of nudity for a PG-13 rating



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