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Offsite Article: Fashion statement...

Link Here28th October 2019
Morrissey performs in LA wearing a 'Fuck the Guardian' t-shirt

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Ludicrous policy proposal was greeted with a wall of stony silence...

So Oxford students took that as a yes and banned applause in favour of 'jazz hands'

Link Here 26th October 2019
Traditional applause is being discouraged at Oxford University, as students vote to replace triggering clapping with jazz hands.

Students at the University of Oxford, studying diverse subjects such as hydro-crystallisation and the psychology of easy offence, voted to replace noisy appreciation with the British Sign Language equivalent -- a wave of both hands, palms forward.

Union officers claimed clapping can be 'triggering' for some students, including those with anxiety.

The motion to mandate the encouragement of silent clapping was successfully passed by student union representatives at their first meeting of the academic year.



Offsite Article: Plain packaging for food is a ridiculous idea...

Link Here 26th October 2019
First they came for my Coca-Cola , and I said nothing. Then they came for my bacon, and I said nothing. Now they're coming for just about everything that isn't spinach or meat substitute

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