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Bandwidth Throttling

Hollywood ask US ISPs to block file sharing


Offsite Article: Six Strikes struck down...

Link Here29th January 2017
Full story: Bandwidth Throttling...Hollywood ask US ISPs to block file sharing
The six-strikes Copyright Alert System is no more. In a brief announcement, MPAA, RIAA, and several major US ISPs said that the effort to educate online pirates has stopped. It's unclear why.

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Update: Center for the Lack of Copyright Information...

US anti-file sharing measures kick off from today

Link Here 26th February 2013
Full story: Bandwidth Throttling...Hollywood ask US ISPs to block file sharing

Today the controversial six-strikes anti-piracy system kicks off in the United States.

Soon the first BitTorrent users will receive so-called copyright alerts from their Internet provider and after multiple warnings subscribers will be punished. But, what these punishments entail remains a bit of a mystery. None of the participating ISPs have officially announced how they will treat repeat infringers and the CCI doesn't have this information either.

copyright alertsToday the MPAA and RIAA, helped by five major Internet providers in the United States, will start to warn BitTorrent pirates. The parties launched the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) and agreed on a system through which copyright infringers are warned that their behavior is unacceptable. After five or six warnings ISPs may then take a variety of repressive measures.

CCI Executive Director Jill Lesser announced:

Over the course of the next several days our participating ISPs will begin rolling out the system. Practically speaking, this means our content partners will begin sending notices of alleged P2P copyright infringement to ISPs, and the ISPs will begin forwarding those notices in the form of Copyright Alerts to consumers.

TorrentFreak have been seeking further details without much joy. The website reports:

From leaked information we previously learned that AT&T will block users' access to some of the most frequently visited websites on the Internet, until they complete a copyright course. Verizon will slow down the connection speeds of repeated pirates, and Time Warner Cable will temporarily interrupt people's ability to browse the Internet. The two remaining providers, Cablevison and Comcast, are expected to take similar measures. None of the ISPs will permanently disconnect repeat infringers as part of the plan.

More on this, and the other missing details on the six strikes system, will become clear during the coming months.



Offsite Article: Will your Internet provider be spying on you?...

Link Here 10th July 2012
Full story: Bandwidth Throttling...Hollywood ask US ISPs to block file sharing
CNN editorial about the possible consequences of actions by US ISPs to combat file sharing

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