Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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No News Friday 24th May...

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10th April

Turkish Startup Launches 'Halal' Porn-Blocking Filter Kahf Guard . From

Researcher Maggie MacDonald Pens Op-Ed on the Risks of Canada's Age Verification Proposals. From

8th April

6th Annual Pornhub Awards Winners Revealed. From

7th April

US Online porn restrictions are leading to a VPN boom. From

20th March

Swale Borough Council is running a consultation on a draft adult establishment policy that sets out how it will censor relevant businesses. From


Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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About the Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website.

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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19th May
More self classification
Australian government consults about possible changes to its media censorship scheme
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News Latest
11th May
Competitors get all steamed up
Video game distribution platform Steam has been blocked by all ISPs in Vietnam
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8th May
Making Britain the craziest place to run a business online
Ofcom goes full on nightmare with age/ID verification for nearly all websites coupled with a mountain of red tape and expense

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22nd May
Indecent proposal
Spain's Socialist Party fails to gain support for a mierable bill to re-criminalise sex work
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US News
Age discrimination
Florida passes a miserable state law banning young adults from becoming strippers
Belgium flag
World P4P
11th May
Jobs in the community service sector
Sex workers set to be legally employed in Belgium
UK News
Ex Totties
Council moralists shut down Totties lap dancing club in Altrincham after trading for 24 years
fcuk sign
3rd May
Sex workers count
China leads the way with the most sex workers in the world
Internet Video
30th Apr
Age of censorship
Georgia joins list of states requiring age/ID verification to access porn websites

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23rd May
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19th May
Loving Home Environment, A
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14th May
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9th May
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