Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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News Monday 16th May...

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Titty Attack 11
Selected releases at AEBN
Demon Eye - Amulett des Todes DVD
Diary: Premieres for June
Horror Channel in June 2022

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8th May

Inside the abandoned UK sex club with glory holes, chains and rude decorations. From

20th April

Age of repression: Swingers club in Tempsford should bar under 21s, says councillor. From

28th February

The infamous and legendary CAT III atrocity in its full uncut form, DR. LAMB (1992) is coming from Unearthed Films in 2022! From


Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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Demon Eye - Amulett des Todes DVD
16th May
Diary: Premieres for June
Horror Channel in June 2022
Book Of Monsters Blu-ray
15th May
Diary: Monsters and Daleks
May on Horror Channel
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10th May
Diary: Mayhem Film Festival
13 - 16 October 2022 at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham
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5th May
Diary: ETO Show
Postponed until 2022, Coventry. Trade show for sex shop related businesses

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About the Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website.

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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News Latest
11th May
Extract: The EU Wants Big Tech to Scan Your Private Chats
Europe's proposed laws could undermine end-to-end encryption for billions of people.
banned adidasa
News Latest
Widespread offence
ASA bans Adidas bra advert highlighting differing breast types
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South Asia
6th May
Updated: Virtually Public Network
India orders VPN providers to register their users and snoop on their communications
elon musk
News Latest
4th May
Identified as censorial
Elon Musk speaks of mass ID verification for all Twitter users and the UK Parliament pricks up its censorial ears and wants to hear more
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News Latest
Offsite Article: The EU wants to crush internet freedom
The Digital Services Act will be the envy of autocrats the world over. By Andrew Tettenborn
up next
News Latest
30th Apr
Prime censorship
Government publishers white paper outling the extension of suffocating TV state censorship to the major streaming services

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World P4P
6th May
Nasty Sweden
Sex workers take action against a parliamentary move to introduce manadatory jail for men caught paying for sex
bible romans
Gay News
4th May
Bible of hate
Finland prosecutors get wound up about hateful passages in the Bible
Houses of Parl
27th Apr
Queueing up to call for more censorship to be added to the Online Censorship Bill
Anti sex trade MP calls for Ofcom to monitor consent in porn films
Council of Europe flag
Internet Video
A nonsense idea usually championed by US religious nutters
Council of Europe calls for porn blocking software to be installed on all personal devices
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US News
25th Apr
Hard lessons
US college offers a class to study porn
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16th Apr
Online Censorship Bill
Sex workers speak out against the upcoming censorship of their trade

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16th May
Titty Attack 11
Selected releases at AEBN
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15th May
Anal Angels # 6
Selected releases at CD Universe
John Thomas Thingy Bob Platinum Silicone Dildo

14th May
John Thomas Thingy Bob Platinum Silicone Dildo
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temp 2022-05-12 private
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12th May
Galleries from Private and Private Black
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10th May
The Spanish Stallion - Shalina Devine True Power Of Sex
Selected releases at Hot Movies
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9th May
Robotic Lovers Machine
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