Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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News Saturday 11th July...

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6th July

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27th June

Xtasia swingers hotel bans sex when fetish venue reopens to comply with Covid-19 rules. From

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Business as usual during the coronavirus crisis

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About the Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website.

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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Internet Video
10th Jul
Age old censorship
France passes intern porn censorship laws similar to those that failed in the UK
eff logo
News Latest
3rd Jul
Amended but still censorship
The New EARN IT Bill Still Threatens Encryption and Free Speech
Sama el-Masry
News Latest
28th Jun
A debauched state
Egyptian belly dancer jailed for 3 years for supposedly inciting debauchery
West Europe
25th Jun
Circumventing censorship
European Court if Human Rights fuinds that Russian internet censors were wrong to block information about TOR and VPNs

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UK News
10th Jul
Killing Kittens
The UK government is set to buy a stake of a company arranging sex parties for the rich and famous
Germany flag
World P4P
7th Jul
'Let us work'
German sex workers protest that their industry has not been released from lockdown
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Internet Video
4th Jul
Offsite Article: Online censorship, censoring our sex
A review of US and UK laws setting out to censor sex oon the internet. By Kate Lister
norwich city council logo
UK News
3rd Jul
In the lap of moralists
Norwich council decides to restrict strip pubs and lap dancing clubs to 4
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Internet Video
2nd Jul
Celebrity Porn
1.5 million people sign petition to ban porn videos featuring Mia Khalifa
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Internet Video
1st Jul
Premium Lovers
Pornhub introduces a subscription service for couples

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11th Jul
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10th Jul
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9th Jul
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8th Jul
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7th Jul
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6th Jul
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