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Melon Farmers Unrated

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News Sunday 25th July...

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15th July

The Daily Star has fun with silly sex laws around the world. From

25th June

Egypt's Secretary of the Economic Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Ahmed Diab, submitted a request for the closure of pornographic websites across Egypt. . From

Blackpool lap-dancing row after two men fall out over property. From

8th June

Bali authorities incensed by porn stars' use of secret villa. From


Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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9th Jul
Diary: A summer charge of seasonal shockers
July 2021 on Horror Channel
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8th Jun
Diary: Grimmfest 2021
7-10th October live in Manchester
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25th Apr
Diary: ETO Show
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About the Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website.

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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21st Jul
Updated - Lords comment: Censored comments
Comments about the UK Government's new Internet Censorship Bill
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West Europe
15th Jul
Age of censorship
European age verification consortium starts meetings
av snake oil
Internet Video
10th Jul
Claiming that face analysis would provide a way of proving age without handing over identity
But would you trust money seeking age verification companies not to use facial identification to record who is watching porn anyway
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News Latest
Offsite Article: WhatsApp boss describes attacks on encryption as Orwellian
Will Cathcart likens governments' stance to insisting a 1984 telescreen be installed in every living room

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nudes at the louvre
Internet Video
21st Jul
Classic Nudes
Paris art galleries get wound up by Pornhub's guide to their nude art
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17th Jul
Updated - Only Non-Fans at the BBC: Morning after regret
OnlyFans adult creators are suffering from viewers who change their minds and demand their money back
xhamster logo
West Europe
2nd Jul
Germany vs xHamster
The authorities are trying to block notable porn sites
Austalia Victoria State flag
World P4P
30th Jun
Victorian morality
Australian state of Victoria set to decriminalise sex work
only fans logo
28th Jun
Updated: No fans of adult content
OnlyFans is set to back away from adult content
sarah champion
26th Jun
Safer sex work in the UK
The Government has rejected a Labour MPs attempt to pass law criminalising men for buying sex

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25th Jul
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21st Jul
A Married Woman 9
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19th Jul
My Wife For Porn 8
Selected releases at AEBN
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17th Jul
Babysitting The Brat (2018)
Selected releases at Adult DVD Empire
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15th Jul
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The Director
12th Jul
John Thomas The Director Platinum Silicone Dildo
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