Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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News Saturday 16th January...

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3rd January

Mr. Skin Offers Its Top 10 Most-Watched Sexy Scenes of 2020 List. From

Utah lawmaker wants to require new smartphones or tablets to filter out porn. From

18th December

Following Pornhub Lawsuit, Porn Sites Are Deleting Girls Do Porn Videos. From

25th September

What really happens at swingers sex clubs. From


Melon Farmers Unrated

Melon Farmers Unrated

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About the Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website.

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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News Latest
11th Jan
Extract: Sharing your data
Details and comments about the WhatsApp announcement that it will be handing over your personal data to Facebook
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News Latest
3rd Jan
A new internet space race with the west
Putin signs a raft of internet censorship measures into law

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Lap Dancing
14th Jan
Miserable Blackpool
Council disgracefully wants to set a council mandated monopoly for one sex shop, and for a ban for new and replacement lap dancing clubs
Fifty Shades Grey Jamie Dornan
Internet Video
11th Jan
Offsite Article: Fifty Shades of Blame
Rough sex porn and BDSM discussed in article about Grace Millane murder trial
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Internet Video
3rd Jan
Offsite Article: The New War on Porn
How Moral Crusaders, Mainstream Media and Politicians Are Gunning for XXX
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Internet Video
31st Dec
Offsite Article: Study: pornography does not cause sexual violence, despite what many believe
A large-scale meta-analysis aims to disprove the notion that pornography consumption causes sexual aggression and violence. By Jaimee Bell
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27th Dec
Offsite Article: How Pornhub's video purge is hurting sex workers
Following the seismic exposure of Pornhub for hosting non-consensual and abusive content, credit card companies have cut ties with the adult site, but creators who rely on the platform have been left in the lurch
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Sex Shops
24th Dec
Updated: Airing their dirty linen in public
Ann Summers seeks and obtains rent reductions

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16th Jan
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15th Jan
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14th Jan
John Thomas Brenda's Bucket Platinum Silicone Masturbator
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Teens in Thailand (2006)
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