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News Tuesday 31st March...

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Don't Be Nervous 2
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28th March

Up market  sex club is hosting a Zoom orgy with 100 people during coronavirus. From

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Cutting Edge: Total Recall

Season 5
Cutting Edge Episode 61:
Total Recall
Australian cuts examined

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About the Melon Farmers is an anti-censorship campaigning website.

It is not a traditional campaign or political organisation. There are no members, no subscriptions and no constitutions. Just a bunch of good people who contribute news, information and opinion.
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The Specialists Blu-ray
Future Releases
27th Mar
The Specialists
1969 Italy / France / West Germany western by Sergio Corbucci, once cut by the BBFC, set for UK Blu-ray release on 18th May 2020
Re-Animator Blu-ray
26th Mar
Obituary: Surely now re-animated in movie heaven
Film director Stuart Gordon dies aged 72
Poster Lost Girls 2020 Liz Garbus
17th Mar
Lost Girls and lost minds at the BBFC
Passed 12 uncut for sexual threat, language, self-harm, sexual violence references and over 20 instances of the word 'fuck'
South Park: The Fractured but Whole - PlayStation 4
15th Mar
Offsite Article: 20 Diabolically Clever Ways Creators Fooled The Censors
Entertaining selection of censorship anecdotes

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racing post
News Latest
30th Mar
Start of a flat season
The Racing Post ends its print edition until the resumption of racing
News Latest
27th Mar
GamblingAware would prefer GamblingDenial
Anti-gambling campaigners complain about the amount of gambling advertising seen by children
Hong Kong Free Press logo
26th Mar
Coronavirus and surveillance technology
How far will governments go? Governments mobilized digital surveillance to contain the spread of the virus
EFF logo
US News
25th Mar
Protect Speech and Security Online
Calling on Americans to reject the Graham-Blumenthal Proposal
EFF logo
Updated: Should government track covid-19 contacts using mobile phone location data?
Seems sensible but the EFF is not convinced
Bent el-Geran video
Middle East
22nd Mar
Won't somebody think of the mothers and daughters?
Egypt bill introduced to increase penalties for strong language in art works

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Sex Latest
29th Mar
Offsite Article: Porn vs Porn
MindGeek has legal issues the with website YesPornPlease
House of Commons logo
27th Mar
There are more important harms to be thinking about than Pornhub
Miserable MPs whinge about an uptick of people entertaining themselves on Pornhub during the coronavirus lockdown
pornhub logo
Internet Video
26th Mar
Doing their bit
Pornhub Premium is now free for all those locked down
Cam News
24th Mar
Safe sex
Cam sites prove a popular distraction during troubled times
DVD front cover
Sex Toys
22nd Mar
Enjoying lockdown
Sex toy sales up, sex work down in Germany
Procella Golf Umbrella Windproof and Rain proof - Wind Resistant Vented Double C
21st Mar
There's no stimulus packages for sex workers
Hard times due to coronavirus slow down

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April Fool's Day Blu-ray
Recent releases
24th Mar
Weekly US DVD and Blu-ray Releases
Frankenstein: The True Story, April Fool's Day, Endless Night
Cannibal Apocalypse - aka Cannibal in the Streets | Invasion of the Flesh Hunter
Recent releases
17th Mar
Weekly US DVD and Blu-ray Releases
Cannibal Apocalypse, Force 10 from Navarone

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The Specialists Blu-ray
Future Releases
27th Mar
The Specialists
1969 Italy / France / West Germany western by Sergio Corbucci, once cut by the BBFC, set for UK Blu-ray release on 18th May 2020

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31st Mar
Don't Be Nervous 2
Selected releases at Hot Movies
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New and Offers
30th Mar
Amazing Tits # 2
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New and Offers
29th Mar
Une Femme Parfaite
Selected releases at AEBN
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New and Offers
28th Mar
Beautifully Stacked 7
Selected releases at Hot Movies
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27th Mar
John Thomas Rude Boi Platinum Silicone Dildo
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In The Room: Watching My Girlfriend 3 (2020)
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